Wondershare MobileTrans: Phone Transfer Tool

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With Wondershare MobileTrans you can transfer the following:

  • videos
  • apps
  • text messages
  • contacts
  • photos
  • calendar
  • music

between Android, Nokia (Symbian) phones, iPhone and BlackBerry – with just one click.

Check out this intro video, you will like it:

It’s compatible withiOS 8.3, iTunes 12.1, and Android 5.0 Lollipop.

MobileTrans – Until you use it, you never realized just how much you needed it!

– From PCWorld, 11/14/2013

How to Transfer Contacts

1-Click Phone Transfer

If you want to upgrade your phones, change carriers, switch to a new and different device, only a few cell phone companies will help you transfer the contacts, and maybe you will find a few local people who can do the job for you, for a fee. But they cannot transfer the other stuff you have on your phone, then what will you do?

With Wondershare MobileTrans you can transfer everything, starting from photos, calendar, call logs, apps, contacts, text messages, video, music all with just 1 click. It is very safe and risk-free, you will have your data on your other device in no time, everything will be intact, just like the original one.

Transfer Content between Android, Nokia Symbian and iOS

Contacts Messages Calendar Photos Music Video Call logs Apps
Android to Android
Android to iOS
iOS to Android/iOS
iTunes Backup to Android
iTunes Backup to iOS
iCloud to Android
iCloud to iOS
Symbian to Android
Symbian to iOS
BlackBerry Backup to Android
BlackBerry Backup to iOSNew icon

It supports 3,000+ Phones and Different Networks.









You can try it by clicking here. A good thing, is you have a 30-day money back guarantee.

It is a great piece of software, saving you time and money, when you are in need to transfer data from one device to another, easy and risk free. With more hundred devices which are compatible, you can easily transfer what ever you like, instead of going to your phone carrier or to a IT guy from your local city. I had to transfer my phone data to a new device and pay the phone carrier to do it and it costed. This was in the UK when I was visiting a friend.

With this solution you can easily transfer all your data and you own the software for life, there are no monthly/yearly subscriptions or hidden fees.

More features:

  • Retrieve Data from iCloud to Android
  • Transfer iTunes to Any Device which is supported by the software
  • Get back your Phone Data for Android Phone/iPhone, retrieve it easily.
  • Your Phone Data is Secured. You can read tutorials on Wondershare’s site with ease, explained in detail.
  • Backup your data to your PC with ease.

Wondershare MobileTrans can help you transfer contact lists, but for you to transfer messages, call logs, etc. it will be very difficult. It also has an option to delete all your data permanently on your old phone. This software is also good for people who run phone repair businesses.

I talked a lot about security and privacy here on my blog, this time it’s all about your cell phone private information which you don’t want to end up on someones hands, you don’t know what people are capable of doing this days.

When you buy a new phone and want to transfer everything from the old phone to the new phone you need this software to help you with everything. TIP: after you transferred all the data to your new phone or device I strongly suggest you delete the data permanently.

What do you think about this little software? What are you using in order to transfer your data from one device to another?


Free Udemy Courses for You (May 2015)

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$50,000 Ebook Publishing Empire: Amazon Kindle Publishing

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Crush Online Micro Stakes Poker: The Complete Mastery Guide

Learn LibreOffice now, start using the FREE suite: Calc

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SUPER FOODS: Supercharge Your Body With Nutrition Wheatgrass

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Weight training with calisthenics for legs and lower body

Construct 2: Build A Platform Game From The Ground Up!

Double Your Job Hunting Success & Land Your Dream Job

Find The Best Business Model For Your Marketplace Community
highc onverting landing page

10 Free WordPress Landing Pages (Plugins)

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Hey guys, landing pages are the subject for this article as they can help you convert your traffic into customers if you design a good quality landing page with information, photos or videos. Most of the designers and website owners must pay special attention to landing pages.

Luckily WordPress comes with resources to help you create beautiful and eye catching and converting landing pages with the help of plugins. With them you can create awesome and effective landing pages which will ultimately capture leads for you.

You can check out the infographic from below to get an idea on how a landing page should look, one that will convert your visitors into customers.

highc onverting landing page



Creating them is really easy this days, because you have lots of landing page tools available for free and also paid. The paid ones could give you an edge over your competition as they look more professional. But don’t worry, if you know web design than you can easily create a converting landing page quickly, and if you don’t know how to code, there are lots of services out there, online, which for a few bucks can convert your PS template into a good HTML landing page.

I’ll tell you right now, it’s hard to create a landing page that actually converts, because you have to keep in mind the elements of the page, where to put each element, what message to put on there, and how your text will affect your each visitor.

As you can see from above, the structure of an effective landing page is a little difficult for most of internet marketers out there, but you have to remember one thing: DON’T EVER GIVE UP! try your best and be the best in your niche, my recommendation is that you focus on one of your skills, wheater it’s web design or cooking. Learn, test and apply everything withing your skill reach.

Final thoughts

Remember to make a simple landing page and you don’t actually need to use every single element from the infographic to create a high converting page. To give you an example, check out Neil Patel’s landing page, over here. It converts at 70%, which is high.

I hope the infographic will help you in one way or another. I’ve found 10 interesting and free WordPress Landing Pages, which you can create with this plugins.

WordPress Landing Pages

Ultimate Coming Soon Page

Coming soon and Maintenance mode

Easy Landing Pages

Ultimate Landing Page

Conversion Optimization by 40Nuggets

Connections Business Directory

WP Maintenance Mode

Ultimate Maintenance Mode

Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd

FREE SEO BLUEPRINT + FREE SOFTWARE: Rank 100+ Laser Targeted Keywords In 1 Month

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SEO BLUEPRINT + FREE SOFTWARE: Rank 100+ Laser Targeted Keywords In 1 Month
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android smart tv box

Your Android TV Box: XBMC And Why It Matters

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If you’re on the lookout for an Android TV box, XBMC is one media tool that will greatly expand the utility of the device. After all, an Android TV box with XBMC is capable of doing so much more – from impeccably playing stored movies to accessing live streams from sources all over the world.

android smart tv box

So let’s get down to business: what exactly is XBMC, why does it matter, and what can an XBMC-supported Android TV box do for you?

The History of XBMC

Before there were Android TV boxes, XBMC started out as a media player for the Xbox gaming console. This media player was designed to play movies, music and the like on the Xbox – which at the time was not as common a feature for gaming consoles as it was today.

This media player was known as the Xbox Media Player (XBMP). It was open-source, meaning people with the knowledge could tweak its systems at will. Time passed, and the Xbox Media Player morphed into the Xbox Media Center (XBMC). This new platform was more stable and more robust than its earlier counterpart – capable of accessing compressed file archives and support for other media players.

XBMC eventually became a recognizable brand in and of itself; transforming into the XBMC Media Center. This signified its growing role not just as a media player but as a launching platform for other software, such as streaming services and media archiving services. Soon enough, the team behind XBMC split into two: one developing media players for the Xbox consoles and the other a stand-alone version for all sorts of devices – like the XBMC Android TV boxes out in the market.

XBMC saw itself rebranded once more into “Kodi” when version 14 came out, although plenty of folks still refer to it as XBMC.

android tv box


It is usually a good idea to go for pre-installed XBMC on your Android TV box. XBMC can also be manually downloaded and installed on your TV Android box, if it hasn’t already. You can pick the most recent version, Kodi, if you want, although you can opt to install older versions from various archiving sites around the Internet.

The Benefits of XBMC

So what does the software do when it’s installed on your Android TV box? XBMC can handle quite a lot, actually, with some of the more notable features including:

  • Play audio and video files of all sorts, from Blu-ray movie discs and movies stored on flash drives to podcasts and iTunes.
  • Download cover art, metadata and similar information related to a media file you have stored on the device.
  • Customize the appearance to better suit your tastes and/or reflect your personality
  • Remotely control the content from a separate device, like your phone, tablet or PC you are using at the moment.
  • Play live TV either from a set-top box that are usually used by cable companies, from a DVR or from an online source that you can access using a wired or wireless Internet access point.
  • Support for add-ons that expand the functionality of your Android TV box. XBMC supports such

The Main Draw

XBMC TV boxes are popular mostly for their ability to draw live feeds from all over the world, from Twitch feeds featuring gameplay videos and gameplay commentary to Hulu for when for those with a hunger for live TV.

This has been made possible by XMBC’s support for all sorts of add-ons, some of which are versatile enough to even emulate old Nintendo games. Easy video streaming, however, is the feature that makes XBMC a must-have for anyone owning an Android TV box. XBMC is one media platform you definitely need to install not just on your TV box but on virtually any device you have on hand!

Looking for a decent Android TV Box? XBMC included? Visit today and check the gadget wholesaler’s extensive list of TV boxes up for sale!


Lancet is LG’s Budget Return to Windows Phone OS

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Verizon’s website has been updated with a new LG addition. Surprisingly, the smartphone from LG features Windows OS, marking the return of South Korean vendor to the platform.

The move however doesn’t turn out to be exciting for those who have been aware of the recent fettle of the company with its Android devices.

LG has seen its position getting dropped by two spots when it was placed sixth in the list of largest global smartphone vendors.


Fingers never pointed towards any lack in their Android devices. Instead, the global drop was accounted by the mammoth jump of the rest in terms of sales.

The introduction of budget smartphones or premium smartphones at affordable prices turned the wheel of fortune for most of the smartphone makers out there.

With the option still remaining for LG, they have instead opted to return to the platform of Windows, which still is the third most used OS in the world.

LG’s new device is named Lancet, and will run Windows 8.1 OS. With the way specs are merged, we definitely feel the effort aims at presenting a budget oriented Windows endeavor by LG.


The 4.5-inch screen will run a 480×854 resolution display. The rear cam is of 8MP, while the front cam has been kept the lowest with a VGA resolution snapper.

The Snapdragon 410 SoC packed inside features a quad-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz, and comes coupled with a RAM of 1GB. Internal memory sums up to 8GB, and can be expanded up to 128GB by means of microSD.

The LTE device will be coming with a 2,100 mAh battery, which is claimed as capable of delivering 18.5 hours of usage time.

The device is being priced at $120, along with $19.99 that will have you subscribed to the network for two years. The device will also be the first to feature HD calling in a Windows device.


Samsung’s Tizen Smartphones Will Have Potential

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Samsung’s Tizen mobile platform is all too easy to write off as a failure. The product, which is a Samsung-owned rival to Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems, was delayed for more than a year. Even when the first Tizen-powered device finally emerged this January, it was a pretty underwhelming $92 smartphone for India and other emerging markets.

Added to that, Samsung had earlier extended the platform to cover smart TVs, a move that some took to mean that the platform wouldn’t have a major role in its mobile division.

This scenario isn’t exactly in tune with the hype that, with Tizen, Samsung is hedging its reliance on Android and creating its own platform to assert greater control over the devices it produces and services that it runs on them. Tizen doesn’t look like it will challenge Android or iOS for marketshare.


But — anyone who read the headline knew this was coming — there is an early sign to suggest that it might not be a total disaster after all.

A new report from Counterpoint Research suggests that the Samsung Z1, the aforementioned $91 device, was the top selling smartphone in Bangladesh in Q1 2015. The report did not provide an estimation for the number of sales, but that finding from the report is “surprising” — to use Counterpoint’s own description.

Yes, Bangladesh’s smartphone market isn’t anything like the size of that of China or the U.S., but Counterpoint’s report signals the potential for the phone to compete in emerging markets where the shift to smartphones is still in its infancy and consumers are particularly sensitive to prices.

Feature phones still dominant the mobile sales mix in Bangladesh, which has a population of 156 million. Smartphones account for just 21 percent of all phones sold in the country, but — in a sign of where things area heading — smartphone sales in Q1 2015 increased 17 percent year-on-year and that growth rate is likely to increase.

The takeaway from this for Samsung, which is the second biggest seller of smartphones in Bangladesh, is that Tizen could have an impact in emerging markets where smartphone adoption remains immature.

It is still early days in Bangladesh, and it remains to be seen of the device can continue to sell well, while also Tizen hasn’t worked in India, a far bigger smartphone. Samsung reportedly said the Z1 clocked 100,000 sales within a month in India to account for just 1 percent of its smartphone sales in the country. That was apparently “higher than expected,” but it isn’t enough to concern Google or Apple.

Android is the big challenge when it comes to entry-level smartphones, and it doesn’t just rely on Google’s Android One program — which expanded to offer $50 handsets in Bangladesh in December 2014. This Technology Review article explains how cheap, third-party Android devices, some of which are priced below $50, disrupted Mozilla’s efforts to make a dent with its FireFox OS platform, and that is also a challenge for Tizen in emerging markets. But, Samsung’s global brand is a huge selling point for the company in many parts of the world.

free resume templates

Free Resume Templates: 10 Designs

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I found 10 excellent and free resume templates which you can download for free, without paying anything or subscribing to something. They are 100% free to use. You can just scroll down and browse and pick 1 you love and just apply your text to them and it will surely be an attention grabber when you want to get hired.

With the help of a resume template you can substantially increase the chances of getting a decent job. They are clear, creative and on the point. Don’t forget to be honest when writing the resume.

Feel free to share this article with your closest friends and family or comment below and let me know your thoughts. Enjoy!

Creative Resume / CV PSD Template

Free Resume Template Download

Resume PSD Template

Free PSD Resume Template

Free Resume CV Ai & PSD Format

Free Indesign CV Template Design

Creative Resume Template

Free Ai Simple CV Design Template

Free CV pack

Free Resume Template

android tablet 1

8 Surprisingly Nifty Accessories To Go With Cheap Tablets

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The really great thing about shopping around for cheap tablets is how little you spend for tablets with specs comparable to costlier, branded models. Another really great thing is having enough leftover cash to snap up all sorts of cool accessories to help you make the most of the cheap tabs you just picked up.

android tablet

So without further ado, here are some of the more surprisingly nifty ones to keep your eyes peeled out for:

  1. Radiation/Signal Blocking Case – if you’re worried about radiation leaking from your mobile devices or are handling sensitive information your tablet, then you’ll need a case that blocks both radiation and radio signals to go with your cheap tablets. Signal blocking cases are especially important if you’ve got data you want to protect from insecure and intrusive wireless internet access points.
  2. Waterproof/Dustproof Case – just because you’re working with economy tablets doesn’t mean you can’t bring them with you as you trek through the great outdoors. Just make sure you’ve got a case that can shield the sensitive device from water and dust and you should be good to go.
  3. Spider Stand – cheap tablets can make for cool hands-free guides or manuals.An adjustable spider stand can help make it easier for you to work with a tab that’s placed on a flat surface. The best part about spider stands is that you can manipulate the limbs to secure any kind of tablet in place at any angle you want.
  4. Capacitive Stylus – even budget tablets can benefit from using a stylus, especially when you need pinpoint accuracy. Graphic design, architecture and those working with apps that require refined motions would benefit greatly from capacitive styluses, which aren’t so hard to acquire now that their prices are going down as well.
  5. Bluetooth Alarm–if you have a tendency to misplace your gadgets, then you may want to pair your cheap tablet with a Bluetooth alarm system. Install the accompanying app on your tablets,push the button on the remote, and follow the beeping sounds. Some models are two-way, meaning that you can use your tablet to find whatever’s attached to the remote!
  6. Solar Power Bank – entry level tablets often don’t have stellar battery capacities, but packing along a solar power bank of your own will solve that problem quite nicely. You can charge the power bank using a power outlet, or you can set it out under the sun when you don’t have ready access to these outlets. It can even power other devices, like a phone or a digital camera, if needed.
  7. Hand Mount – do you plan to bring your tablet around with you while you work? A tablet mount that wraps around your hands will come in handy, as you will be able to move your hands around without having to worry about losing your grip. An affordable tablet may be pretty easy to replace, sure, but a hand mount securing it in place will help out in the long run.
  8. OTG Cable – An On-The-Go Cable (OTG) is an excellent way to solve the often limited internal storage space that comes with most cheap tablets on the market. It provides a USB port for cheap yet high-capacity flash drives to hook up to tablets, which often aren’t compatible withthe micro USB ports common to tablets.

android tablet 1

Keep this quick list in mind, and you’ll have a clearer idea about what kind of accessories will help you make the most of the many cheap tablets out there on the market!

In the market for cheap tablets? Visit today and check out the wide variety of devices they have up on sale – or read our Android tablet guides.