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Best Link Building Tips To Increase Backlinks of Your Blog or Website


Link building is one of the most important part of SEO. High quality backlinks help our blog to increase Google Page Rank. Links from the high traffic websites also send good amount of traffic to our blog. All bloggers and webmasters try the different ways to build backlinks or inbound links. Sometimes they use the wrong methods such as black hat SEO to increase the backlinks of their blog or website. They realize their mistake when they get the penalty from the Google Search Engine. In this post I am going to share the best ways to increase the backlinks of your blog or website. These tips will help you to use the right methods of link building.

Submit Your Blog or Website to Web Directories

This is the best methods to increase the inbound or backlinks by submitting our blog or website to the high PR web directories. Some bloggers and webmasters use this method but they do a big mistake. They submit their blog to the web directories but low PR (Page Rank) directories. This is not a good idea. If you are submitting your blog to web directories then use High Page Rank Web Directories. They will help you to increase Page Rank of your blog or website. This may also help you in Search Engine Ranking of your blog. There are number of web directories on the web but it is very difficult to find the best high quality web directories. But you have no need to worry about this. HiFiFun.Net has a great collection of Free Submission High PR Web Directories. Which approve your blog or website quickly.

Write Great Contents

Quality matters always. If you are writing 5-10 blog posts daily but they don’t have the good or helpful contents then they are useless. A single great quality post is worth 5-10 low quality posts. If you will write helpful and quality posts then your readers will definitely share your posts. They will link your unique and quality contents from their websites and blogs. They will recommend your contents to other readers. This will help your blog to increase backlinks.

Mention Other Blogs and Bloggers in Your Post

Try to mention great blogs, websites and bloggers in your blog post. You can also give a backlink to their blog or website. By doing this they may link your post in their blog. This is also a good link building technique.

Review Products and Services

When you will review some products and service on your blog they will share your post if you wrote something good about their product or service. In this way you can also build goof quality backlinks.

Guest Blogging

This is also a great idea to get backlinks from your favorite blog. Just write a great quality guest post for that blog and submit it to the admin. They will publish your post on their blog and will provide your 1-2 backlinks from that post.

Use Social Media

Social Media has its own importance in for the blogs and websites. Use the popular social networks to share your contents on them. Share your each post on the social networks. This will also help you increase inbound links.

Comment on Other Blogs and Forums

You can also build backlinks by commenting on some great blogs and public forums by leaving a link to your blog or website in the comments. But keep one thing in mind that don’t do this like spam. Leave the link of your blog or website in the meaningful way. For example, if someone commented on a blog and asking for some help then you can leave the link of your blog post which contains the tutorial which he/she wants. If you will leave link on your every comment then they will be considered as spam and blog owner will remove them.I hope that the information provided above is helpful for you to increase the backlinks or inbound links of your blog or website free of cost. When you have tried all the above given methods then you can use the best backlink checker tools to see the backlinks of your blog or website.



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