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How to Market Your Blog?


This is an age where you need to know how to market yourself? or your products and services in order to get ahead of the curve. Due to the advent of the Internet, competition in just about everything is fiercer. Even bloggers who were once few and far in between are having a hard time increasing their web traffic.
If you’re one of those people who is currently having difficulty getting the web hits you need then this is the list for you. Below are seven effective tips that will surely help you market your blog better.

1. Be sure to target your audience

You will never be able to please everybody on the Internet. Some articles simply off a number of people. Thus, it would be best if you will just simply give up on getting their attention. Choose your audience and customize your articles accordingly.Do not forget to choose a theme that’s close to your heart. You will be able to write more detailed copies if you’re going to discuss something you’re interested with. By doing this, you will be able to figure out what works for your chosen audience.

2. Write original and truthful content

Plagiarism is the very enemy of every blogger on the web today. It is akin to stealing another man’s property. Veer away from this practice and use your own strength and ideas when writing posts. Furthermore, keep in mind that the Internet is already filled with lies. The only way you’re going to make a difference in this industry is by being sincere and honest. Always be truthful when making your copies and provide background information on the subject you’re discussing.

3. Make everything shareable

We all live in a world that’s more commonly known as the social networking age. Checking out one’s Facebook wall, Twitter and Instagram account has been considered as a daily habit. Thus, using these sites will allow you to tap a whole new level of web marketing. Create social media accounts for your web site and update them whenever a new article has been made. In addition to that, don’t forget to include a share button at the bottom of your post.

4. Try guest posting every now and then

Guest posting is an effective way of getting additional web traffic to your site. By contributing an article to another blogger, you open your door to a wider audience. You might even be able to hook some of them, turning them into avid supporters of your blog. There’s a certain art to guest posting. Making connections, sending out pitches and writing creative articles that suits the site you’re trying to write for is no easy task. This is where the saying “practice makes perfect” comes in!

5. Provide something useful for your readers

One of the most common questions that readers ask nowadays is “What’s in it for me?”. Web readers usually check out articles that are beneficial to them. Be it a recipe guide for cooking the perfect pasta or a discount coupon for the next Black Friday sale, people will always be curious about things that can make their every day lives easier. Take note of this and see to it that your post is something of relevance to your chosen audience.

6. Utilize long tail keywords in your copy

Keywords are the terminologies and phrases used by people in order to search for something online. Short keywords can mean a lot of things and so, they usually deliver general results, prioritizing more famous sites like Wikipedia. Longer keywords on the other hand, can help readers find specific niche blogs and articles like yours and narrow down their searches.

7. Entertain your readers via the comment section

Your reader’s feedback can certainly help you fix the flaws you might have overlooked when you were writing your copy. Entertain criticisms and be open to suggestions. Moreover, it can also create a stronger bond between you and your audience. Better relationships means referrals which usually reflects in increased web traffic. Marketing your blog isn’t an overnight affair. You need to have the right amount of determination and creativity to pull it off. Have those two and the above mentioned tips and your blog will surely be the talk of the town in no time.


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