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Organic SEO vs Google AdWords: Which one should you go for?


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is about making your website more search engine friendly. Organic SEO is a little misleading in this case. Most people do not realize that organic SEO means simply creating optimized pages and letting nature (online intercourse) do the rest. Most people think that organic SEO means running and maintaining yours on and off page SEO on a full time basis, and that is what this article assumes it means too.

In essence you should go for both

This is truer than the fact that Snow White had neck ache from always looking down. You should essentially go for SEO and ranking up your website, and you should go for Google AdWords. The trouble is that Google AdWords is not a long term solution for most people, but that does not mean it cannot be. There are quite a few people who have a self sustaining Google AdWords account.

Google wants you on Google AdWords

This is truer than the fact that Doc from Snow White was sent to prison for practicing medicine without a license. Every time Google creates an update their profits soar and this is for two reasons. The first is because websites with Google Adsense on them seem to mysteriously rank up, and the second is because people fall from the Search Engine results and have to start paying for Google AdWords adverts if they want traffic.

Organic SEO takes a lot of time

This is truer than the fact that Sneezy misunderstood the term diamond dust and had a mishap with a rolled up twenty. It takes a long time to get your SEO off the ground and a very long time to organically get your website ranked up the search engine results. This is mainly because there is so much competition that you are fighting against hundreds of thousands of other websites, many of which are not actually direct competitors to your business but are competitors for the keywords you are using.

Google AdWords can get you traffic within two minutes

This is truer than the lewd statements Bashful’s wife made at the divorce hearing. If you create an advert with Google AdWords and you know your stuff such as the right keywords to choose and such, then you may potentially get traffic within the first two minutes of posting your advert.

Organic SEO can be expensive

This is truer than the fact that Grumpy left his wife Moody for her hotter sister Moany. It is not supposed to be expensive to use SEO because you have no direct overhead in the strictest sense. But, if you add up all the productive hours you are going to use in order to do your SEO then you are making quite a loss. Imagine if you were paying a member of staff to do your SEO for you.

Do not forget that direct links are the same as adverts on other people’s websites

This is truer than the fact that Sleepy was frequently seen in the company of Paris Hilton after dark. They are basically a way for people to get to your website without clicking an advert. Adding direct links to other websites is always going to be helpful to your traffic figures, whereas not every affiliate advertising you make is going to be helpful.

Google AdWords will get you a lot of coverage

This is truer than the fact the evil witch could have bought a gun at Wal-Mart for $200 and saved herself a lot of trouble. Google is the biggest and most popular search engine in the world, and so you are going to get a lot of coverage when you use Google AdWords because lots of people use it and your adverts are going to appear on a lot of affiliate websites. You will probably be forced to use Google AdWords in the end because they hold all the cards. Lie down with the devil till you have learnt his tricks–in other words, why not use Google AdWords until you have ranked up your website through the search engine results pages.

Google AdWords can be more expensive in the long run

This is truer than the fact that Happy turned out to be mentally unhinged. It is expensive because if you add up all the money you spent on paying for clicks then over time it is bound to come to a lot of money. On the other hand, if you are ranked highly on a search engine then the traffic you are getting (no matter how much) is essentially coming to you for free when compared with paying for it via Google AdWords.


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