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Reasons for Choosing Managed or Unmanaged Dedicated Server


There are a few types of hosting services available to Internet users and webmasters. People choose dedicated servers because they are more reliable than many of the alternatives, and they are often far more stable from a usability standpoint. Though it sounds obvious, a managed and unmanaged dedicated server are different by their levels of management within the package you purchase.

Managed dedicated hosting is expensive

This is because you are getting lots of extras that take a lot of work off your hands. It is possible for dedicated hosting to actually be cheaper for a business person. It could be that the money they save in staff hours is more than the amount they are paying for managed dedicated services. If they were to take unmanaged services then they would probably have to train a person up too, which is going to have added expenses.

Managed dedicated hosting has its many perks

When you pay for the services you are entitled to quite a few things. It is possible that you need only ever worry about your website if you set up your management properly. The list below shows you the most common tasks that the managers of your managed dedicated hosting will do for you. By doing these they make it so that your hosting services rarely need manual attention.

  • Choose your own control panel
  • Define your own server settings
  • Perform regular back-ups
  • Updating server apps/software
  • Perform regular site maintenance
  • Take care of security software installation
  • Take care of and allow use of additional server management services
  • Take care of any software installation
  • Help with control panel configuration

You are allowed to choose your own operating system.

An Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting service is less expensive

When you sign up the service will often include the installation of an operating system, but there are many where you are not given the choice of operating system. There are some who will also help you with basic security software and configuring your control panel. The rest of the management tasks are left up to you. You will have to build up better layers of server security because it is a back door to your website if it is compromised.Any other applications and software will also have to be configured by the user and you are tasked with keeping the server updated and maintained. If you are less knowledgeable about server workings and maintenance then this is not for you, but if you are quite knowledgeable then you can save money if you are efficient with your server management.

Unmanaged dedicated services have the perk of being cheaper

It is cheaper to have unmanaged dedicated hosting as oppose to managed, but that only really applies if you are skilled enough to handle the server yourself. If you are not skilled enough then you have very few options when it comes to your server because a small mistake may result in a loss of services (especially if you are hacked).

Both options are fine choices if you know what you are doing

Some say that managed services are better for smaller companies. This is because many feel that smaller companies have fewer resources to spare when it comes to server maintenance, improvement and care. This is a more blinkered view that one person may expect, but is easy to see why people think that way. On the other hand, a larger company may end up hiring staff that cost them a lot of money so that they may manage their own server. Their staff may end up costing more than what they would have paid if they had gone for managed dedicated hosting service.
Hassle free videos.

The money you pay

This is another consideration. Do you want to make the process hassle free? And if so then paid management may be the way. Though you should consider that some paid management services are better than others. This is where getting a few reviews and recommendations is a good idea be the last thing you want is for your website to go down and have nobody on hand to give you an explanation. There is also the chance that with your unmanaged service you may get the cold shoulder if things go wrong because it is your responsibility to keep things running correctly. When described in this way it seems that both options are undesirable, but these are just worse/semi-worst case scenarios. The chances are that your services will go off without a hitch and your biggest problems will be to do with choosing hassle free or lower costs.


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