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30 Funny CSS Puns

Welcome to the 99% club.

Rule No. 1 of married life

The only man who ever won an argument with his wife


Simplest form of ghost

When Eminem is speaking

Don’t mess with Bruce Banner

How Kim Kardashian makes the headlines

Mario’s secret

You have failed this city!

Autobots, roll out!

“Good artist steal, great artists copy”

Ikea builds table.

Lego is never built inline.

Harry Potter must know this one

For people with visual eye strain.

Pumped-up chicks

So that’s how the tower was designed

A monumental moment in history

#greatwall #madeinchina

The secret organization that is said to rule the world

How the Monarchy works

How the government works

This is why people joke about what the opposite of congress is

No wonder they don’t wear shoes

Countries with no border

countries with something like a border

Too Soon?

He wanted to pass so he did something about it

Error 404 for Planes And Ships