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32 Clean Minimalist Personal Websites


Clean Minimalist Personal Websites for you to check out.

Most people just love complex sites, but modern minimalist sites are here to stay, they look professional and can convert really well if you target the appropriate audience with ads, content marketing and so on. They can be seen as boring, lazy or just very simplistic websites, but to tell you the truth, I like them very much with all the images and navigation’s they have on the web page.

I see it as a futuristic feature for web design, not many people like it. To tell you the truth, I’d rather sign up on a minimalist website with precise information about what I get for signing up; this is an important aspect of a minimalist site, you have to see and understand what you look at. And another thing to consider is, you have to like the design of the website, but not many people appreciate the effort web designers put into their simplistic websites.

You may think, the web designer was lazy, but it’s not true. He worked hard to achieve the masterpiece (the final result, the website you see when it’s finished.

Go ahead and take a look at the clean minimalist personal websites found below, just keep scrolling until you find something you like and click the name of it. I really hope you enjoy this article.

Drew Wilson

drew wilson personal portfolio website design

Ignacio Macri

ignacio macri designer illustrator website portfolio

Mig Reyes

mig reyes personal minimalist portfolio

Justin Aguilar

justin aguilar website portfolio simplistic

Anais Zamboni

anais zamboni portfolio simple layout

Justin Mezzell

justin mezzell designer illustrator simple website

Ben Ashman

ben ashman designer developer simple website

Julien Milles

julien millies art director designer

Darrin Higgins

darrin higgins website designer personal portfolio large typography

Karl Anders

karl anders personal white portfolio

Alexander Munk

alexander munk website design portfolio

Andrew Colin Beck

andrew colin beck website layout

Isaac Orloff

isaac orloff visual development artist portfolio

Jamie Gregory

jamie gregory personal freelance portfolio website

Arne Meister

arne meister website design minimalism

Weston Vierregger

weston vierregger personal design website minimalist

Alex Tass

alex tass clean website layout

Andrew Lucas

andrew lucas clean minimalist website layout

James Lutley

james lutely frontend developer website

Paul Robert Lloyd

paul robert lloyd personal portfolio layout

Colin Tierney

colin tierney personal design portfolio

Ryan Hamrick

ryan hamrick personal design portfolio website

Bob Flynn

bob robert flynn artist personal portfolio

Anthony Kolber

anthony kolber designer personal website typography

Robert Iza

robert iza storyboard artist website portfolio

Miguel Ferreira

miguel ferreira clean website layout design

Christopher Doyle & Co.

christopher doyle and company website

David Hutton

david hutton website layout design white simple

Sam Dallyn

sam dallyn art director designer personal website

Rob Wootten

rob wootten white simplistic portfolio layout

Aaron Shapiro

aaron shapiro website portfolio design inspiration


Josh Warren

josh warren design portfolio website layout