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36 Free Search Box Designs (PSD Format)


Having a search box on your website is important as it gives people the ability to search the website or blog and find what they are looking for (if you have it on your website of course). If you don’t have a search box, then the users or visitors will have to manually browse your website for what they are looking for, they will not be so happy to navigate through 3-10 pages of content to find what they were looking for.

A search box should be designed in a good way, making the users to actually want to search your website.

I am going to show you 36 Free Search Box Designs, all in PSD format (Adobe Photoshop standard format). Nothing can beat a freebie. So here it is.


Big Search Box

Search Feild

Stitched UI Set

Search Bar Drop Down

Search Dropdown

Blue Search Box

Search Box

Predictive Search Field

Search Bar PSD

Search Box

Calligraphy Search Bar

Search Boxes

Search Boxes

Grooveshark Search

Music Search Bar PSD

Search Drop-Down

Free Custom Search Boxes

Search Box

Simple Search Box

Search Dropdown

Creamy UI Kit

Ornate Search Element

Navigation Interface with Search Field

Vector UI Kit

Blue Search Box with Free PSD

Vista Nav

Search Box

UI Elements

Dark Buttons, Tooltips, Tabs, UI Elements

State Push Search Field

Search Field

Search field with green button

Colorful UI PSD

Search Box

Black UI Kit

Search Bar PSD



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