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5 Ways to Negotiate a Higher Salary as a Graphic Designer


Let’s face it: even if being a graphic designer is your dream job, it’s suddenly not so appealing when you’re getting paid less than you believe your worth. And on the flip side, it becomes a lot more enjoyable when you’re getting compensated as much as possible in recognition of your ability!

Negotiating your salary as a graphic designer, whether you’re starting out in a new company or whether you’ve been with your current employer for years, isn’t always the easiest conversation to have. You can certainly go about salary negotiation the wrong way.


There are, however, various ways to go about the process that will bring you optimal results. In fact, if you’re just starting out in a new company and your salary isn’t yet finalized, your future employer will often times expect to negotiate, and if you take the following advice, it may well secure those extra digits on your monthly pay check!

So without further ado, here are 5 salary negotiation tips for the deserving graphic designer:

Be Realistic About What You’re Worth:

First off, don’t have unrealistic expectations. Sure, we all want more money for what we do, but not everyone necessarily deserves it. What are you – as an individual – realistically worth? What is your past experience, what have you worked on and where and who have you worked for that justifies you being paid more? Be realistic but optimistic about your salary, and go in fully prepared.

Explain Why You Deserve a Higher Salary:

Following on from the above point, you’ll then need to explain to your current or future employer exactly why you’re asking for more money. Be specific where possible. Did your graphic design skills get featured somewhere or win an award? Did they drastically improve the response rate for a previous company’s website or advertising campaign? Again, explain why you deserve a higher salary.

Don’t Say Why You Need So Much Money:

An important tip for salary negotiation that a lot of people screw up is to not go on about why you need more money. Don’t go on about that expensive vet’s bill that just arose, that dream car you’re saving up for or the fact that your child is just about to start college. This will ruin your chances before you’ve even started.

Be Enthusiastic About the Job:

Another important salary negotiation tip, and something that will help you secure a job in the first place, is to simply be genuinely excited about the job. Employers want staff that are motivated, friendly, enthusiastic and generally nice people. While skills and experience are important, don’t underestimate the power of just being a nice person to work with.

Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away:

Finally, if you don’t come to an agreement on the figure you had in mind, don’t be shy to turn your back and walk away. Not only do you not want to get stuck in a job where you don’t feel you’re being paid what you’re worth, but if you’ve done a sufficient job of explaining why you deserve to be paid more, demonstrating that you don’t need the job with this particular company is a surprisingly attractive quality. Many an employer will reconsider what they’re missing out on and come to an agreement that you’re happy with.Overall, graphic design is a sought after skill and something you shouldn’t be hesitant to demand your full worth for. If you’re not honestly being paid what you think you’re worth, then it’s up to you to change that. Take on board the advice in this article, and more importantly, actually use it!


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