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500 Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List


Hello my friends, SG here, I want to update this page before I start working on other projects, I am going to tell you why is social bookmarking important and how I use it to squeeze the most traffic out of it.

Well, first is first, let me tell you about why this kind of sites are important to SEO. Blogs, news sites, forums and other type of sites can get a little boost in traffic and rankings if they use social bookmarking sites effectively. You can submit your website (of any kind) to social bookmarking sites (found bellow) and get decent traffic.

When a story or page from your website is picked up, it can quickly go viral, viral meaning you earn cash and visitors; some of this visitors may return back tomorrow, or even bookmark your website and get back to check you out, learn more, get informed. I once submitted a blog post (as I always do) to Stumbleupon and in the next 3 days alone I got 11k visitors just from Stumbleupon. Now I know other people also have traffic from SU, and maybe experienced the same.

I saw an increase in revenue and return traffic which is very good for me. Some sites like Propeller.com can pass link juice to your money site, but use a NoFollow attribute, don’t be fooled by people saying NoFollow links are just bad for your site. You need a balance of DoFollow and NoFollow links. If you only get DoFollow links to your site then Google or other search engine will become suspicious of the quality of the links and maybe initiate a manual review of your backlink profile.

How to use Social Bookmarking Sites?

  • Register or Connect via social media accounts
  • Submit your link, description, tags, title
  • And you’re done

I am not going to show you the process of submitting as I assume you have enough knowledge to do it by yourself.

SB (Social Bookmarking) sites allow votes on all of the links. This way you can get your links with a lot of voted, depending on your available time.

Method to upvote your links:

  • Buy private proxies
  • Create X number of accounts for each proxy. (1 SB account = 1 Proxy)
  • With main account submit links

Then with secondary (proxy) accounts just upvote your main account links. But you have to keep in mind diversity, an important factor in everything, even link building. I would recommend to act natural with the secondary accounts, submit other links you find valuable to keep a natural profile; same with the main account. Don’t over do it.

What I am saying, don’t submit too many links withing 1 social bookmarking site, instead submit to more social bookmarking sites.

How to build backlinks with social bookmarking sites?

It’s quite simple, my honest approach to building backlinks with social bookmarking sites is simple.

Simply submit your backlinks to this type of sites, this way you’ll get a little edge on the competition.

The process for you know don’t know is simple:

  1. Create Tier 1 backlink (Recommended are super web 2.0)
  2. Submit Tier 1 backlink to social bookmarking sites (the more you submit the better, but keep in mind diversity, remember to act like a normal use from a different country)

Social bookmarks helps you with SEO, I always submit my new posts and pages to social bookmarking sites, below you will find a list of this kind of websites. I suggest you always bookmark your new posts and pages right after you create them, I saw a positive impact on my traffic after I submitted my stuff. Enjoy!

Click to see the list


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