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7 Easy Ways To Earn Money Online With Zero Or Little Investment


Money making online is something that every internet surfer love’s and would want to stumble into but it isn’t easy like you hear people say for example quickest way to earn $1000 daily or monthly online. the real truth i want to reveal to you now is that nobody make’s money online they earn the money because the internet is not a money making machine you need to work hard for every dime you earn that’s why today am sharing with you all 7 ways to earn money online with zero or no capital all you need is a computer and an internet connection.here are 7 ways to earn money online with zero or little investment.


Blogging is a great way to earn money online it’s good because you can start even without having skill or lets say you are a newbie with time and dedication you can become a professional blogger it only need dedication and hard work from you.

There are lots of bloggers earning full time income from blogging.

A blogger can be defined as a person that has ideals about some certain things or topics and he or she love’s sharing these ideals with other people round the world, remember i said 7 ways to earn money online with zero or little investment that why am bringing the list of free blogging platforms for you to choose from in starting your blog for free


This is another wonderful way to earn money online  all you need to do is to submit or make a bid on a project  you know you can do very well, for example if you are good at typing, designing or writing articles there are lots of company out there willing to hire you out there all you need is to bid on their projects.websites that offers freelancing board

  • guru.com
  • freelancer.com
  • upwork.com

Logo and website designing

There are lots of young and old dudes doing this to earn a living for themselves and their families, if you are good at designing logos or websites then you can offer your services to people or companies that are new to website development and they are always willing to pay you to make their website ready and steady for business, if you are a really good designer you can earn from $100 upward for doing one website design job.


Selling products is a great way to earn money online, remember there are lots of products to sell it can either be an eBook, video tutorial , software or anything related to your niche. remember to only sell things that will be relevant to your blog readers and these things should be of great value to their lives and living.

Affiliate marketing

This is a great and wonderful way to earn money from selling other people’s products on your blog which make’s it easy for you to earn money from each sale you make even without owning a product, there are lots of companies and individuals that offers 40% upward to you for any product you sell for them these means if you sell a product  of $100 you will earn $40 or more as your commission there are lots of products you can sell to make money online just aim for the important products that will be of great benefits to your blog readers.here are some products you can sell online e-booksthemessoftwares etc.


Wow this is one way to earn money online if you know you are good at whatever you do for example : there is a 13 years old kid who is using this means to earn money online he charges $1000 per week and it’s coaching is 1 hour each day till one week, this is to let you know that you too can also be like the 13 years old kid by guiding others in knowing things that you are specialized on.


This is another great means to earn money online because lots of groups, companies and organizations do offer paid surveys for people to partake in, this helps them in determining the products that are most consumed and it also help’s them in knowing the products that usually comes in high demand that’s why you are being paid to take the survey read more about survey.


These are the 7 ways you can earn money online with little or zero investment and you should also remember that  we are always delighted to see you leave your comments on this blog. i hope this article made an impact in you today just let us know by leaving a comment on our blog.feel free to drop your comments about this piece of article we are always here to respond to your comment.


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