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7 Effective Strategies to Get More Social Media Feedback from Targets?


Feedback is everything. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the newest trend in the field nowadays. We can’t blame the business-minded people to actually take advantage of the internet. It’s where most target markets are lurking in recent years. So in an effort of trying to promote any kind of products and services, the world wide web has been the go-to “marketing strategy” for business owners, both big and small scale ones.Through years of use and abuse of social networking sites as a means to market products, services and websites, the curiosity of potential target audiences already died down. Thus, a more comprehensive online marketing strategy is a must in order to not just grab the attention of the target market, but to get them to give feedback as well.Below are seven effective strategies to attract attention and get response from potential clients and site visitors.

I. The Winning Captions and Write-Ups

Words are powerful – even online. Writing winning captions and articles can capture attention and interest. The main secret is to play with words and use them to stir curiosity and critical thinking. You can work with words to manipulate the target market and call out an action you want to induce. According to bestessays.com, for captions, often begin with a verb for call to action’s sake. On the other hand, when writing an original content for your product, service or website, the technique lies in keeping everything concise and easily understandable. Your title and introduction should also be very interesting and informative at the same time. After which, you can win the internet!

II. The Captivating Original Photos and Videos

There might be millions of photos and videos to recycle on the internet. But nothing beats original and customized posts for your brand. Creating your own materials can mean extra effort on your end. But it can also add impact to your marketing strategy since it’s something fresh and creative.

III. The Fast and Friendly Engagements

Keeping in touch with your online followers and potential customers is a vital factor. Since people on the internet are always looking for instant response to their comments or inquiries, being always attentive and ready to reply is a must. As much as possible, be online most of the time.Trolls and annoying comments and questions will pop out anytime. Be prepared. Think before you respond all the time. Be as gentle, friendly and witty as possible to tick off the nuisances and possibly attract more audiences. You can once again win the internet through this.

IV. The Gimmick of Mystery

Take advantage of your target market’s curiosity. Words are not the only ones which can trigger interest. Sometimes, you can just allow your photos and videos to do the talking. Create a mystery effect every now and then for your target audience to have something to look forward to. It’s a refreshing thing for the internet users since social media nowadays is already too open and vulgar.

V. The Feel-Good and Informative Posts

With all the hard news of tragedies, corruptions and crimes circulating in the world wide web, add up the angst and hang-ups friends and followers online are constantly throwing, feel-good posts like cute pets and babies or even logic and trivia can draw people in. Post something you can relate to your product, service or website that can bring good vibes and knowledge, and break the series of stressful, if not, irritating posts.

VI. The Use of Special Occasions and Events

Always be on the look out for special events and occasions as you can creatively use them to your social media’s advantage. You can either plan and create for a promo, or even customize some posts and write some witty and fresh articles for them. Surely other business owners and webmasters will also do the same. But it always boils down to creativity and impact.

VII. The Humor and Logic Factors

Humor and logic are both really good factors which bring people into one’s website or social media page. Internet users are fond of these kinds of posts as they are entertaining and interesting. Let your gag and knowledge out! Marketing your product, service or website online is not an unplanned and random posting and tweeting galore. Build a planned social media marketing strategy using these effective plan of actions. Don’t just aim to post something online. Focus on getting feedback from your target market.


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