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70 Tips to Boost Traffic


In this post I am going to reveal 70 best tips to boost traffic.Traffic is the key to achieve online success.Traffic is compared to water.According to it a blog or site cannot survive without traffic like human being cannot survive without water.

  1. Submit URL to all search engines
  2. Submit URL to paid and free directories
  3. Submit URL separately to major search engines like Google,Yahoo,MSN
  4. Update your blog regularly
  5. Ping your blog after every update
  6. Write quality and unique content
  7. Be as simple as you can
  8. Create a professional blog design
  9. Don’t write long posts
  10. Write short but descriptive posts
  11. Add RSS icon to your footer
  12. Provide easy navigation
  13. Connect to your readers by asking them questions
  14. Post regularly
  15. Post frequently
  16. Update your blog regularly
  17. Add images and snapshots of your blog to describe posts
  18. Be accurate
  19. Do not let the reader go from your site once he arrives by writing interesting content
  20. Place shout box
  21. Add ‘about me’ page
  22. Add ‘contact me’ page
  23. Add ‘table of contents’ (archives) page
  24. Create E-book and give it for free to all your subscribers
  25. You can also use the E-book as a bribe for getting more feed subscribers
  26. Digg posts
  27. Reddit posts
  28. Stumble your posts
  29. Sphinn your posts
  30. Create many friends on Orkut chat,Yahoo chat,Facebook,Twitter
  31. Submit your posts to social media
  32. Tweet regularly
  33. Add a digg button beside your every post
  34. Add a ‘tweet me’ button
  35. Be updated on yahoo buzz by submitting your posts to it
  36. Comment on other blogs but never spam
  37. Keep a habit of commenting on atleast 10-20 sites per day because comments act as a backlink
  38. Submit your site to google webmasters
  39. Submit your site to Technorati
  40. Use Technorati tags on every post of yours
  41. Technorati is considered next to google
  42. Reply to comments
  43. Reply to reader queries
  44. Do podcasting
  45. Purchase ads for your site
  46. Do link exchanges
  47. Use traffic exchanges
  48. Do guest posting
  49. Connect with your readers on social networking sites
  50. Answer your reader queries by email
  51. Setup your own domain
  52. Don’t use sub domain like blogspot.com
  53. Purchase hosting
  54. Publish video posts
  55. Keep the homepage of your site with less widgets
  56. Keeping more widgets on the homepage results in the decreased load time
  57. Tweet regularly on twitter
  58. Visit blogs in your niche (category)
  59. Ask owners of other blogs in your niche for link exchange
  60. Categorize your posts
  61. Create a menubar for easy navigation of the readers
  62. Ask readers what they want through poll
  63. Always post in your niche
  64. Start a niche which you know most
  65. Don’t Change your niche once started
  66. Think before starting a particular niche
  67. Take interview of high PR blog owner
  68. Ask Best and Worst Blogging Experiences of the readers every week or every 15 days
  69. Don’t Forget to ping your blog on every update at popular ping servers like Pingomatic .
  70. Be Patient.

Getting Traffic is not a game, its takes time.



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