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8 Surprisingly Nifty Accessories To Go With Cheap Tablets


The really great thing about shopping around for cheap tablets is how little you spend for tablets with specs comparable to costlier, branded models. Another really great thing is having enough leftover cash to snap up all sorts of cool accessories to help you make the most of the cheap tabs you just picked up.

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So without further ado, here are some of the more surprisingly nifty ones to keep your eyes peeled out for:

  1. Radiation/Signal Blocking Case – if you’re worried about radiation leaking from your mobile devices or are handling sensitive information your tablet, then you’ll need a case that blocks both radiation and radio signals to go with your cheap tablets. Signal blocking cases are especially important if you’ve got data you want to protect from insecure and intrusive wireless internet access points.
  2. Waterproof/Dustproof Case – just because you’re working with economy tablets doesn’t mean you can’t bring them with you as you trek through the great outdoors. Just make sure you’ve got a case that can shield the sensitive device from water and dust and you should be good to go.
  3. Spider Stand – cheap tablets can make for cool hands-free guides or manuals.An adjustable spider stand can help make it easier for you to work with a tab that’s placed on a flat surface. The best part about spider stands is that you can manipulate the limbs to secure any kind of tablet in place at any angle you want.
  4. Capacitive Stylus – even budget tablets can benefit from using a stylus, especially when you need pinpoint accuracy. Graphic design, architecture and those working with apps that require refined motions would benefit greatly from capacitive styluses, which aren’t so hard to acquire now that their prices are going down as well.
  5. Bluetooth Alarm–if you have a tendency to misplace your gadgets, then you may want to pair your cheap tablet with a Bluetooth alarm system. Install the accompanying app on your tablets,push the button on the remote, and follow the beeping sounds. Some models are two-way, meaning that you can use your tablet to find whatever’s attached to the remote!
  6. Solar Power Bank – entry level tablets often don’t have stellar battery capacities, but packing along a solar power bank of your own will solve that problem quite nicely. You can charge the power bank using a power outlet, or you can set it out under the sun when you don’t have ready access to these outlets. It can even power other devices, like a phone or a digital camera, if needed.
  7. Hand Mount – do you plan to bring your tablet around with you while you work? A tablet mount that wraps around your hands will come in handy, as you will be able to move your hands around without having to worry about losing your grip. An affordable tablet may be pretty easy to replace, sure, but a hand mount securing it in place will help out in the long run.
  8. OTG Cable – An On-The-Go Cable (OTG) is an excellent way to solve the often limited internal storage space that comes with most cheap tablets on the market. It provides a USB port for cheap yet high-capacity flash drives to hook up to tablets, which often aren’t compatible withthe micro USB ports common to tablets.

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Keep this quick list in mind, and you’ll have a clearer idea about what kind of accessories will help you make the most of the many cheap tablets out there on the market!

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