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A Day in the Life of a Graphic Designer


If you are thinking about beginning a graphic designer career you will need to know how to solve problems and put the solutions in print. The perfect example would be a magazine that is sold around the country. The management has an idea of how they would like the magazine laid out. It is up to the graphic designer to be able to construct the layout and the design. You will need some sort of imagination when you go into this field because, you want to be able to vision whatever you are designing before you actually put it in motion.

A Day in the Life of a Graphic Designer

You will have clients that you are working with and meeting with throughout the project. You have to be able to hear what they are asking for then you will use all your resources in order to give them the best design or layout. In the graphic designer career you will learn that there is a certain audience target that the client is trying to pull in to their business in order to purchase their products. The audience target is what you will have to do some research on in order to see what they are interested in so you can design something that will grab their attention and pull them to the company.

Once you have decided on what the best approach is for the client you will be ready to put your skills to use. As a graphic designer, you will sketch your visions on paper so you do not forget anything. Once you have a sketch going and are feeling good about it you know get to bring it to life. This is done with a computer that has the proper software installed. You will now take the sketch and draw it on the computer screen where you will add color, sounds and any other visual elements. Once everything is put together on the computer then you will have to present it to your client.

The client will give their approval for proceeding forward or could even ask you to add a little more to the product. There might be times in your career that you will help the press operators decide on the ink and the paper that should be used in order to capture the best picture in print.

When you are working for a company there is no end to where they might need you to apply your skills. It could be to a website, a magazine, banners on the Internet, brochures, T-shirts, etc. Sometimes these skills could even be used for making video games come to life on the screen.

If you have always wanted to make your visions come to life and are able to come up with solutions to problems, then a graphic designer career may be for you. Sometimes you will work alone while other times you will work with a team and be in charge of people under you. This career choice is always in demand.


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