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A Sample Cover Letter for a Graphic Designer


What You Need to Include and More Along with a resume, you’ll want to have a good cover letter when applying for a graphic design job. The graphic design industry is immensely competitive and any chance you get to separate yourself from the crowd should be grabbed with both hands. And creating a cover letter is such a chance.

A cover letter is sort of an “introduction” to your resume, if you will. It allows you to demonstrate your writing ability and gives you an opportunity to highlight things that may be relevant to the particular company and/or position you’re applying for. You should send a cover letter along with your resume even if it isn’t requested, and if you can customize it for the particular employer, all the better.

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To help you with creating your sample cover letter, here we’ll take a look at some of the things you should include specific to applying for a graphic design position, and how you can get professional help if required.

The Importance of a Cover Letter: First off, just to reiterate the importance of a cover letter, it really is worthwhile creating one. It gives you a chance to sell yourself to a potential employer and explain why they should hire you over anyone else. While your resume is more of a stationary list of your qualifications, experience and skills, a cover letter allows you to actually communicate these assets.

What You Need to Include: When creating your sample cover letter, be sure to make it interesting. Resumes aren’t exactly the most exciting documents to read, so your cover letter should make up for that! If you have any specific skills or qualifications that are perhaps more unusual or prestigious, then now is the time to really point them out. Also, if you have something that will really set you apart from other potential candidates such as a medical qualification, again, clearly point this out!

Get Professional Help: After creating a first draft sample cover letter, you’ll no doubt want to tweak and improve it. Its worthwhile reading a relevant book, using a template or perhaps even using a professional cover letter service to make sure it’s as good as it can be. Don’t underestimate the power of a good cover letter. A professional service will ensure it reads well, is free from spelling and grammar mistakes and ultimately shines you in the best light.

In conclusion, hopefully this article has given you some things to think about and conveyed just how beneficial a cover letter can be. They can certainly be approached the wrong way, offering you no benefit whatsoever, but when done well, can really boost your chances of actually securing that position. As mentioned previously, the graphic design industry is a competitive one, so every chance you get to stand out should be jumped at! Start working on a sample cover letter today and tweak it until it’s perfect!


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