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Alcatel ONETOUCH Flash Review


Alcatel ONETOUCH Flash review

The era of budget smartphones continues with the release of the Alcatel ONETOUCH Flash smartphone which is aimed at the selfie taking individual.

There are a large number of budget smartphones out there in the market, but not many are built equal. Alcatel attempts to capture the eyes of the market once again with their release of the Alcatel ONETOUCH Flash smartphone which is built on a stylish platform with an eye for photography. Out of the box, the smartphone has a pure white casing, keeping the design simple yet stylish. On its sides, there are the power button, and the slots for two SIM cards as well as a slot for the microSD expansion.

The bottom of the device sports the single port for microUSB for charging and PC connection purposes. One of the main draws of this device is the many helpful features that comes with it. One of those features would be Hotknot, a technology that allows a rapid transfer of all multimedia information with just a touch. Another useful feature would be the Smart Gestures that allows the users to wake the phone up, immediately read messages and make calls using a set of gestures you can apply when the phone is asleep. Additionally, it has the Face Capture technology which tracks where your face is to make sure that your selfie shots will always focus on you.

Alcatel ONETOUCH Flash

Performance-wise, this device has some mixed results. The device scored well in our benchmarks, and it is able to handle demanding games such as Asphalt and Injustice: Gods Among Us. The display screen however does lack sensitivity for functions such as typing and basic double tapping. There is a slight delay between each navigation which sometimes may make users feel annoyed. Camera-wise, this device delivers pictures that are of high clarity especially with shots taken as selfies.

One more aspect worth noting is that this smartphone has a low battery life even during basic usage such as web browsing, calls and messaging. We managed to get an average of 6 hours of continuous usage before reaching the red zone.


The Alcatel ONETOUCH Flash is a classy device to have especially one that is as affordable as this. Put together a powerful camera and you have a value added device that makes for a good entry level smartphone.