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Are You Making the Most of Social Media Sites?


Okay, you’ve either built your website or paid someone else to do it for you. Check. You’ve signed up for accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and some web directories. Check. You’ve even followed and friended people in related industries as well as your peers in the hope of putting business each other’s way. Check. And you’ve got some backlinks to relevant websites. Check. But there’s more to do….Fan Pages. Facebook offers fan pages.

Are You Making the Most of Social Media Sites

Linked In offers company pages. They’re basically the same thing: the idea is you can make a page that’s all about your company, giving contact details and a list of services and products for your readers to peruse. It’s not only free advertising, it’s yet another link. Links show up on internet search pages, and the more popular your link is, the more popular your website becomes. It helps to be linked on a site that’s already popular, i.e. Facebook or Linked In.


On Facebook, the Create Page option is at the bottom of your Wall and Profile pages. Click on the link, fill in the details, follow the instructions, and off you go. You can have as many fan pages as you like, but you need to be the one responsible for whatever it is you want to promote. Authors use it to promote their books, companies and charities to promote themselves. Use the Networked Blogs app to automate posting from your blog to Twitter and your Facebook wall and page(s). Use the Selective Tweets app to post to Facebook, Linked In and Twitter.

Linked In

On Linked In, choose Companies from the navigation bar at the top of the page, then follow the instructions. Be sure to add at least one product or service. You don’t have to add a video or promo code, but the options to do so are there. There’s an app for linking Twitter to your account for displaying your latest tweets or receiving tweets to update your status.


There are options on both Linked in and Facebook to connect with your Twitter account. The reason this is a good idea is because it allows you to tweet to your Facebook and Linked In accounts, particularly if you use the Selective Tweets app. Now think of the advantages presented by being able to tweet from Linked In to both your Facebook account and to Twitter. Not only does it save on duplication, it helps to add more links to your website on a popular platform, raising your company’s online profile.

Be sure to make a separate Twitter account for each website you have. Then follow your website’s Twitter accounts so they all link to each other. Do the same for your fan and company pages where possible. If you can add the RSS feeds URL from your blog (click on Entries RSS or Posts in the Subscribe menu) to the page, so much the better. Then every time you post, a tweet is sent out to your social media accounts. This can exponentially increase the range and number of people who can see your links.

Other Social Media Websites

There is a growing number of other social media websites, and it’s wise to have accounts on the most popular ones. The same goes for trade and local business directories. BT Tradespace is an important one for UK businesses. It’s free, so take advantage of the services it offers. Don’t forget to leave ads on Craigslist and Gumtree, if only for the opportunity to post a link to your company. Qype offers the opportunity to promote your company for free via vouchers and reviews. Add the URLs for your social media accounts where you can, and be sure to put links to those on your website. Use your website footer or blog sidebar. Put social media badges on your website’s Home page and add a call-to-action button or headline to encourage people to follow you. The more followers you have, the better the chance of your being found online in the search engine results. Help yourself to this one if you like it.

Friends and contacts

The biggest advantage of social media sites is the opportunity to meet people in related industries. You can friend each other, recommend each other and chat online where others can see your knowledge displayed. This also gives you opportunities to learn about other online resources that can help your company. The more friends you have, the bigger reach you have, and a bigger reach means more prospective clients.

Social Media Checklist

  1. Sign up with the big three: Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. Create separate accounts on Twitter for your businesses if you have more than one, particularly if you want to avoid confusing them.
  2. Create Fan and Company pages for your businesses on Linked In and Facebook. You only need one account on Facebook and one account on Linked In. You can have as many Fan and company pages as you like.
  3. Friend and follow your Fan and Company pages on Facebook, and follow each of your Twitter accounts so they all link up. Post links to these on each of your other social media accounts.
  4. Be sure to follow people in related businesses to promote cooperation as well as friending and following people you know. People they know may well follow you. The idea is to get as big a reach as possible.
  5. Tweet as often as you can.
  6. You can automate tweeting by connecting your blog via Networked Blogs. Your social media accounts will receive updates every time you post an article if you have utilized the apps available for doing so. See my previous post for details.
  7. Sign up with directories and review sites, and get your website(s) listed there. Review your friends’ and associates’ businesses favorably, and don’t be shy to ask for the same in return.
  8. Good luck!


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