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ASUS X99-A Review


The Intel X-series of processors typically get a small number of high-end motherboards to go with it, but the new Haswell-E processor has proven that enthusiasts want more than
just a small number of options to choose from when it comes to obtaining the highest levels of performance. It is with this in mind that ASUS themselves have launched yet another motherboard in the form of the ASUS X99-A.
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The X99-A is a pretty-looking motherboard, with white accents that accentuate the otherwise black motherboard. As usual with X99 motherboards, it has eight DIMM DDR4 slots, capable of supporting up to 64GB of RAM with speeds of up to 3,333MHz after it’s overclocked. Eight SATA III 6.0Gbps are available for digital storage, including four M.2 SATA ports that support up to 32Gbps speeds as well.
It also features three PCIe 3.0 slots that supports both 3-way NVIDIA SLI and AMD CrossFireX multi-GPU configurations, if that’s what you want. The X99-A also features a generous selection of I/O ports that include 10 USB ports, six of which are USB 3.0, an Intel LAN port as well as 8-channel audio ports with DTS support. Much like ASUS’ ROG line of X99 motherboards, the X99-A features what the company calls the OC Socket, which has more pins than the standard X99 board has.
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This improves voltage flow, and allows for overall higher overclock numbers, and works especially well if you’re using water or LN cooling. Speaking of voltage flow, the ASUS OC Socket also provides an adjustable cache bus voltage, which allows the board to reach higher frequencies that boosts PC performance.
That being said, if this feature is a bit too advanced for you, just overclocking the CPU’s core clock is enough to see a noticecable improvement in performance, and in our case, we managed to overclock the CPU from 3.0GHz to about 3.4GHz on air with relatively few issues.
ASUS X99-A Review
For even simpler tuning, the X99-A also has the new 5-way Optimisation software which optimises your CPU, memory, power consumption, sound quality as well as bandwidth to provide you with the best PC experience regardless of what you’re doing.


If ASUS’ X99 ROG line is too hard on your wallets, but you still want a feature-packed ASUS X99 motherboard, the ASUS X99-A will not disappoint. Built for everything from animation and video work to video gaming and overclocking, this is one motherboard that will fit all your computing needs.