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Which Are The Best Alternatives To Evernote?


So what is Evernote?

Evernote is the world’s leader for word based notes taking. Some people have changed their “Evernote” platform to something different. Some of you may want a free version of this type of platform. In this piece of article I will show you the best 7 alternatives to Evernote, which are available. I’ll tell you straight away, some of this options are free and some are one time payments. You are not forced to use Evernote because there are enough alternatives.

Hope you’ll find a good alternative for your needs.


#1: Simplenote

best evernote alternative 1

Simplenote has a clean UI and it’s very simple to use. It’s integrated to nvALT which will surely improve your workflow – if you’re a developer.


#2 Google Keep

best evernote alternative 2

This alternative is free, but it doesn’t have a desktop app.


#3: Leafnote

best evernote alternative 3

Leafnote is your Mac alternative for Evernote. You can organize your note and its useful.


#4: Workflowy

best evernote alternative 4

Workflowy has a flexible structure, allowing you to nest bullet points forever. The downside is: you have to spend some time to create this structure.


#5: Thinkery

best evernote alternative 5

Very robust and free, Thinkery is a good alternative to Evernote. It has a hashtag feature that will allow you to easily filter all your noted using a simple hashtag.


#6: Octobox

best evernote alternative 6

Octobox has a big advantage as it’s integrated with Dropbox. Be aware: there are a few bugs, but the guys behind this project are continuously improving the platform. If you have to do basic tasks (notes) it’s great, ooh yeah… and it’s free. notes.


#7: NotePlus

best evernote alternative 7

Noteplus works on your tablet and has an awesome writing technology. It also has sharing features.


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