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Best and Reliable Ways To Make Money Online With Your Blog!


In this article I am going to share the best ways to make money with your blog. I am continuously blogging from last one and half year. During this time I learned many important techniques of Blogging, SEO, Online Money Making etc. Online Money Making is the one of the most important term. Bloggers search the various methods to monetize their blogs. But it is not easy to learn the best techniques to make money online with your blogs. There is a saying, “Life is Learn through The Experiences.” It is really the true saying. I learnt a lot with my experience in blogging. Today I am going to share my blogging experience with you by giving you the best methods to make money with your blog. So read this article and learn the best ways to monetize your online content.

Google Adsense

Adsense is my first choice to make money my blogs. The reason behind this is that it is very easy to make your online property earn money for you. We just need to place the Adsense ad codes on our blog and our blog starts earning plenty of $s daily for us. We have no need to worry about the advertisements because Google Adsense shows the quality of advertisements on our websites/blogs. Another main thing is that Adsense give us the highest revenue as compare to other ad networks. I tried so many Ads networks but nothing is like Google Adsense. You can earn up to hundreds of Dollars per day with Google Adsense Ads. Advertisers trust on Google and spend money for online ads. On the hand publishers earn the good amount of money to show the advertisers ads on their blogs/websites through Adsense.Due to these reasons it is the dream of every new blogger to get the Adsense Approval and make money with his/her blog.

BuySellAds (BSA)

BSA is also the one of the best online advertising networks. Bloggers can earn huge money with BSA. After the BSA approval, we need to place the BSA advertise here banner codes on our blog where we want to show the ads and to demand the money for that space. Indirectly we sell advertising space of our blog to the advertisers for a period of time. Advertisers select the space on your blog and place their ad there. In this way BSA works and you get the money in Advance. Like Google Adsense, BSA is also a trustworthy ad network. But it is very difficult to get BuySellAds approval, especially for the small and medium blogs. BSA accepts the blogs with lot of traffic (more than 100000 visitors per month) and quality contents.

Affiliate Marketing

You can earn more than Google Adsense and BSA with Affiliate Marketing if you have a quality niche blog with large amount of traffic. There are many blogs whose main income source is the Affiliate Marketing. There are various affiliate marketing networks like shareasale, amazon, linkshare, commission junction etc. which offers the product to sell on your blog and earn commissions. You can sign up in these networks and start earning though Affiliate Marketing. You can also sell other products of your choice though their affiliate program.

Though Referral Programs

This is also a good option to earn money with your blog’s traffic. You just need to refer users, customers to some websites which pays you for referring users. There are so many websites and services those offer good amount of money for referring friends to their website through their ‘Refer a friend program’. You can easily create your account on their website and start promoting your unique referral url on your blog. When someone signup on their website via your referral link on your blog then you will get some cash. This is one of the easy tasks. You can promote your referral link by placing banners on your blog and by writing reviews and posts related to those products, services and websites.How to choose a best web hosting company?

Direct Advertisement

If your blog has a good standing in the online world and you are getting good traffic then you can also make money through direct advertising on your blog. You have to create an Advertise here page on your blog. When Advertisers visit to blogs and when they see that you are advertising the product directly and getting lot of visitors then they contact the blogger and do the direct adverting deal with them. In this way you can earn money with your blog by directly advertising Advertiser’s Products & Services. You can also start reviewing the products and services on your blog and in this way you can also earn lot of money for each review.There are many other ways and ad networks those let us to make money with our online contents but they are not so reliable for us and we cann’t make the enough money by using them like these methods. Here I published the only the best ways to monetize your blogs.Hope that you enjoyed the post. If you know about other best & reliable way to earn money with blogs, then do not hesitate to share it with us via the comments. Happy Earning!


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