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Bitcoin and the future of money


Cash is known to be the king in financial markets, but the cryptocurrencies and specifically bitcoin have started to give it a run for its money. These new currencies are available only in the digital space and the best thing about them is that they remove the need for a middleman, have lower transaction fee and everything is performed seamlessly with astonishing results. The best thing about cryptocurrencies however is the fact that they are anonymous and all transactions are known only by you and the person on the other end, without anyone in the middle, which is neat to say the least.

As you would expect, the bitcoins do come with advantages and disadvantages. Yes, they are very easy to use and seamlessly manage to integrate into the lifestyle of various persons from all over the world as they can shop when they want with fast payments, but there are some disadvantages as well. For example, the value of a bitcoin fluctuates drastically and that is an unfortunate thing because not only it makes the investment value a lot lower, but the overall results are also less than you would expect.

Still, despite this minor setback, numerous people all over the world still see the Bitcoins are being the best and most promising currency for the future. Sure, many do not know yet that there is a limited amount of bitcoins to be mined, but still, there will be other coins to take their place in the long run. This doesn’t stop more and more retailers to integrate Bitcoin support into their companies, as they do want to keep more of the money instead of paying various taxes and transaction fees.

What is in store for bitcoins and money in the future? As we stand now, we can clearly see that more and more people opt for a digitalized way of keeping and spending money, so the bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency might very well replace our normal currencies at some point in the future. Alongside that, it comes as a natural thing to say that more retailers will include support for bitcoins on the market and, what’s maybe even more important, people will be more inclined to use bitcoins as they become more stable.

Sure, these are optimistic ways to think about cryptocurrencies, as they can become volatile too, but in the end this is not the most important thing. As long as any currency, be it bitcoin or anything else will allow people to pay less on a transaction, and it also provides anonymity, people will always be inclined to use it instead of any other method. This is why we predict an amazing, prosperous future for the cryptocurrencies as they try to become the world’s daily currency!