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Boost Your Adsense Revenue


Google Adsense is one of the most popular ways that bloggers use to monetize their blogs. I have been using Adsense in all my blogs for awhile now and so far it has been a consistent source of monthly income.

Here are some simple and practical tips that will help boost your Adsense revenue. These tips have worked for me so there’s not reason it won’t work for you, should you implement them properly.

1. Choose A Less Techie Blog Topic

The secret why a dating blog makes more money from Adsense over a webmaster blog lies on the topic and the nature of its readers.

Naturally, webmasters or internet savvy people are most likely aware of Adsense. And because of this, they tend to avoid clicking on them. Readers of a dating blog on the other hand could end up clicking Adsense ads because of their lack of knowledge of how it works. This then leads to more Adsense revenue.

It is therefore a good strategy to choose a less techie blog topic and target the less net savvy people, if you wish to make more money with Google Adsense.

2. More Search Engine Traffic

Since Google Adsense pays you per click on its ads, your chances of earning more increases when your blog receives more traffic, preferably from search engines. Studies and experiments support the conclusion that traffic from search engines are more likely to end up clicking on Adsense compared to any other sources of traffic. Thus, its worthwhile to optimize your blog for search engines when you’re monetizing it with Google Adsense.

3. Use WordPress Themes Optimized For Google Adsense

Another way to increase your revenue from Google Adsense is to simply use WordPress Themes that are optimized for Google Adsense. These WordPress themes have been created with Adsense in mind so it will be easier to integrate Adsense on them.

4. Use Horizontal Over Vertical Ad Format

When using Adsense, you are given several ad format options (horizontal, square or vertical). Choose horizontal ads because these formats have been proven to attract more clicks. The simple reason behind this is that horizontal ads catch more attention.

5. Use Link List To Boost Your Adsense Revenue

Google Adsense allows its publishers to display 3 Adsense ads and 3 link ads at the same time on a single page but most publishers don’t take full advantage of this. Instead, they only settle for 3 Adsense ads which could lower their potential Adsense revenue. With proper use and strategic placement of link list ad, it should add more to your Adsense revenue.

Now your turn. What other tips have you been using to boost your Google Adsense revenue? Do share them in the comment.


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