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Browsers With Added Value


When I went to the public library today, I looked up my domain, www.sitagabriel.com, on the internet there because I wanted to know what it looks like on an old, out-of-date browser….Not too bad, but my pretty CSS corners and drop-shadows don’t show up at all. It comes out square. Then I checked my gallery. Old IE browsers block it so badly it won’t even load properly. All you see is a series of empty blocks that indicate where the images are.

Browsers with added value

Only my logo shows up. Well that’s no good!  I’ve downloaded a code block module from Gallery 3’s wiki, which is very handy because it allows you to put any code at all onto your gallery. I just wanted a bit of text so I could let people know they don’t have to put up with the sub-standard Internet Explorer when they can have the excellent Mozilla Firefox or the superlative Cometbird, which has all the advantages of Firefox and none of the bugs. Gallery 3 is an excellent choice for an online gallery, and comes with a range of add-ons and theme choices that make for a pleasant viewing experience — on the right browser. “Ah,” I can imagine you saying, “but what’s the good of using a gallery that requires downloading a browser program specially to view it?” Erm, if you’ve not updated the browser you usually use (I bet it’s IE), you’ll probably find that using the internet is a tedious, frustrating experience where you’re restricted in what you can see or sign up for, and that images look rough and raggedy when you can see them.

Just trying to log in to certain sites can be annoying in the extreme because your browser won’t let you, no matter what you do. And if that’s not bad enough, you may find that your computer is forever picking up viruses and other malware. Later versions of IE aren’t quite as bad, but they’re not as good as Firefox or Cometbird. Using a more versatile browser gives you more choice in your online activities, as well as loading pages a lot faster. And they let fewer viruses onto your computer. And once you’ve discovered the beauty, efficiency and speed of Firefox or Cometbird, you won’t want to go back to the slowcoach browser you left behind. So you’re not downloading a program specially to view a gallery or CSS images — you’re downloading a program that is infinitely better than the one you’ve got. And you can import your settings to your shiny new browser, so you’ve lost nothing and gained a new way of seeing the internet — as the web designers intended. Trust me on this.


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