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Creation and optimization of a corporate site


To create and optimize a corporate site is rather different from the well-know standard site design and SEO. It has all to turn around the business model and characteristics of the company.

Website SEO usually aims front ratings in the mass searching engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo, at all costs, using keywords, links and content. In corporate site SEO it is also important to promote the site to front most positions, but that is not the ultimate goal. Important also is how the site looks (design), how it performs (functionality), how convenient it is for users (user friendly). It is a matter of prestige here, not just popularity.


Corporate site design


The purpose of a corporate site is not to present certain goods and services and the way to buy them (although that can be a secondary task), but rather show in a favorable business light the corporate identity of the company, to promote its image on the web.

Creating the corporate site, the designer needs to elaborate on all the public and social ways to reach the company, which are actually the ways in which the company communicates with the market and society. Apart from all possible contacts, significant company news and events shall be properly presented in the site, officers and employees shall have a place to meet and talk, share and criticize in the form of a public blog. Customers and suppliers, all counterparts shall also have the floor. The visitor must all the time see, notice or feel the presence of the company image in its best, even subconsciously. Design art with all colors, forms, formatting, flash and animation elements come handy here. The code and navigation of the site shall be multiply and rigorously tested and optimized from the point of view of all kinds of Internet users. The outlook, functionality and SEO of the site shall in no way hamper its visitors.

The actual site development process starts with an accurate description of the company’s idea what the site is to look like. Some hints on the functionality and code of the sight can also be very helpful if the company has the technical resources to provide them. Then the web developer offers possible solutions, connecting means with ends, and he/she must be very careful at this point not to be carried away and offer beautiful but useless things, often called white elephants.


Corporate site SEO


Corporate site SEO is all about the image of the company in the Internet.

Today, when speaking of corporate site SEO, it is often substituted for SEM – Search Engine Marketing.   This is actually an application of the SEO methods and instruments where the exact position in Google is not so important as the presentation, image of the company even before the Internet user come to the site. Various marketing techniques are used, too.


Corporate site SEO includes much more analyses, planning and business insight and concrete knowledge of the business of the company, the site of which is under reconstruction. The developer needs to know and have in mind, when optimizing the site, a lot about the strategy, priorities, the needs and ends of the company and its presence in the Internet in order to come up with a really impressive and professional corporate site.


Author: Hillary Walles, tech writer at Essay Shop


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