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Different Types Of Blogs


A blog is an online journal where a business can share information about their product and their company and where a person can share their opinion on any topic. Blogs are used to communicate online. A blogger, in order to choose a topic for his blog, must first choose the type of blog he wants to create. Below are the different types of blogs that a blogger may consider creating.

The Personal Blogs

When the word BLOG is heard, people usually think of it as the Personal Blog. This type of blog is the most popular blog since this triggered the start of blogging. This diary type of blog contains the different aspects of the author’s life – like the important events in his life, about his family and friends, or about his thoughts, feelings, emotions, or this may contain his opinions or reviews about topics such as politics, music, religion, photography and just anything under the sun. It may also contain the blogger’s rants. This type of blog is great especially in starting a conversation, a serious discussion and debates. But bloggers must be careful on how he will convey his thoughts since it might also trigger a controversy that may blemish his reputation. This is the most famous type of blog used in some of the networking sites.

The Corporate Blogs

Corporate blogs, also called as Business Blogs, is a blog about the stock markets and other business related topics. This blog is published by an organization in order to achieve its goals. This facilitates the organizations with proper communication flow, and is concerned about the culture of the organization. This blog has two types: the internal corporate blog and the external corporate blog. The Internal corporate blog is created to share information and views just within the organization, while External corporate blog is created in order to communicate with the public for marketing the organization’s products or services.

The Professional Blogs

Professional blogs are created for bloggers to share about their expertise on a certain subject. This is where the blogger can chronologically record his career development. Professional blog is a way for the blogger to present his career history that may answer questions the interviewer may have about the his resume. Professional blogs are made for readers, a real contrast to personal blogs since what the blogger may share in this blog will help his readers gain knowledge about the subject he is tackling; and may help the blogger’s future employers to learn more about their potential employees – the blogger.

The Micro Blogs

Micro blog is a form of multimedia blogging. This blog may contain brief posts or micro media like that of the photos, audio or video clips. This is done for the readers to cope up with the latest trends or the little changes of the lifestyles of the people. This kind of blog is typically smaller or shorter. Its contents may consist of just a single sentence or an image with just a brief description or a short video clip. But it has the same purpose as the traditional blog – to share about ones plight, thoughts and interests; or a news about a company’s product or services, only that Micro Blog is short and concise.


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