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What Everybody Ought to Know About Social Media Marketing


Social media networks have really improved the internet tremendously and have been proven to have great importance in marketing of online content.

Some bloggers and even company product marketers still ignore these important facts about social media networks while others are embracing the change that these media has brought forth. So if you are a blogger or a product marketer below are some of the reasons why you need to be using social media.Create a Viral Awareness: With the help of social media networks, the news of your content or product can now get to thousands of users of that network and they can also be able to share it with their friends and loved ones.Reach is Vast at Minimal Cost: Your product or content now has the opportunity of reaching wide range of your targeted audience with little time and just little cost.Build Customer/ Client relationship: With social media networks, you can now keep your clients/ customers updated and informed about your services and products thus establishing a relationship with them.Now let’s look at two of the most popular social media network.

There are 10+ social media network, but for the sake of this post, we will only consider the two most widely known.Facebook: Facebook is the largest and the world’s most popular social engagement network which allow users to connect and share with family, friends, loved ones and even clients or customers. Facebook allow anyone who claims to be at least 13 years of age to become a registered user of the network.

The social network while sharing its financial result for its 2013 third quarter announced 1.19 billion monthly active users, 728 million of daily active users and 874 million mobile service users.

So with this population when you utilize effectively the potentials of this media site, it can yield unimaginable results for you. In fact this social network has grown to be the leading social network service.Twitter: Twitter according to Wikipedia “is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables users to send and read tweets.

Tweets are text messages that are limited to 140 characters. Registered users can read and post tweets while unregistered users can only read tweets. Twitter was created in March 2006 and by July of that same year the site was lunched. The service had it major turn around in 2012 with 500 million registered users that posted 340 million tweets per day.” Twitter is among one of the 10 most visited websites and is also described as the SMS of the internet with registered active user of 645,750,000-source statisticbrain

So with this population as well, you can imagine how viral your content can travel if you use an effective marketing strategy.

However I do understand that newly registered user find it a little troublesome trying to level up with the social media networks. For example, a newly registered user to facebook who creates a facebook fanpage will not find it funny trying to get people to like his/ her new page in order to promote his business page because sometimes a post on a facebook fanpage with only 30 likes is less likely to be noticed. The same is also applicable to the twitter social network: a tweet is less likely to be noticed with only few followers.

The process of growing likes and followers is not something that is gotten at the snap of a finger, yes!!! It is a slow and gradual process, but no matter how slow it is, I highly recommend that one should grow his likes and followers organically because that is the only sure way of getting loyal likes and follows.

But in the case when one is not able to wait patiently to grow their likes and follow, there are other methods of acquiring likes and follows which I will recommend to you.Boost Social Media: Boost social media is a company that is specialized in social media boost, be it facebook, twitter and other social network services boost. I know there are a lot of company that specialize in the boost services both the ones that use the legal and the illegal method.

But one thing I like about the boost social media is that there likes and follows are all real account owners. You do not need to get afraid of been banned when you use their services because they don’t use the automated boost method rather they use the manual boost method. And you can also choose where your targeted likes and followers can come from.

Yes I know this sounds a bit controversial to what you’ve always known. But I got astonished when I noticed profound companies that used the boost method system to grow their likes.

In summary, social media has come to stay and anyone that really wants to go viral should start using the available media.It’s Your Turn: I will like to know what you think about social media marketing and also other ways which they have helped to promote your content.


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