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Fresh Resources For Web Developers – February 2015


I decided to switch to web design and seo resources with my blog, I will be offering this type of services along with freebies for you. I still have free SEO resources on my blog, you just have to search for them.

I’ve been a freelancer since 2006 and this blog was kinda of a hobby for me, to share information and freebies with all the web people. As you all know, I only share quality articles, and I have to tell you guys, I’m loving it.

Below are presented the freshest web development resources, just keep scrolling down and if you like something, click the name before the image you like it will take you to the official website of the product.

Please note, I have nothing to see, except my services, I am not promoting any product with affiliate intentions, just giving you free resources so you can make the web a better place.

On a side note, if you’re asking how I am… Been waiting for the courier to bring me my new PC, just called the company and they blame it all on the courier, saying the courier has my PC (package) and he is too lazy to deliver it because it’s near the end of his shift. So I’m a bit frustrated, but not much. I know I’ll get what I payed for in the end. Even if the package doesn’t come to my door step. I’ll take my money and move on to a new shop and order a new PC from there.

Anyway, enough with the talk about me, go ahead and scroll down to get what you came here for. Thank you for being on my blog!

Fresh Resources For Web Developers 2015

Gradient Animator

SVG Pocket Guide





CSS Colours

Emmet Re-View