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GetResponse Vs iContact Vs Vertical Response: Which one to choose?


There was a time when people used to circulate pamphlets to advertise their products. pamphlets were used to convey your messages to people. Now in this era of innovations, new marketing techniques have been introduced. Email marketing is one of the best and speedy techniques to reach ­­­quickly to your subscribers. 21 centaury is the era of competition. Everyone is struggling to win the race and to beat their competitors. Thousands of email marketing tools are available out there. These email marketing tools help you out to make your business a success. GetResponse, iContact and Vertical Response are considered as top email marketing tools. These three have their own features and working. In the article below I am going to compare their features in details. Let’s have a look on them and decide who the winner is.



Well! When we talk about email marketing tool with best services ever. GetResponse is on number 1 in the list. Thousands of new subscribers are joining GetResponse family every other day. Features like pricing, deliverability rate, analytics, statistics, free trail, templates, iStock images and much more makes GetResponse a popular email marketing tool, loved by millions of people.


Talking about pricing, GetResponse got some perfect pricing plans for its users. GetResponse pricing plans start with $15 offering unlimited number of emails to 1000 subscribers. GetResponse is also best email marketing tool when it comes to discounts. It will be offering you 18% discount on yearly plan. One thing I like most about GetResponse is, it will not limit the number of emails sent. And you can send unlimited number of emails to particular number of subscribers according to the plan of course.

Free Trial

It is important for any email marketing tool to offer a free trial for its users. The reason behind this is that, free trial enables users to check all the features of an email marketing tool properly. And of course if one is not satisfied with the features, he can always back off without spending any money. GetResponse offers its users a free trail of 30 days. Almost all the features of GetResponse are available in the free trial. Moreover you are not supposed to provide your credit card details in advance.

GetResponse Features

  • GetResponse is popular among millions of people across the world and is trusted by 350,000 people. Moreover you can also see the fan following of GetResponse on social websites like facebook, twitter, linkedIn and etc.
  • If you are using GetResponse, the chances of error will be very less or equivalent to nil. The reason behind that is, it enables you to preview your email, before it has been sent.
  • GetResponse is an email marketing tool with highest deliverability rate ever. It ensure 99% deliverability rate that means 99% of your emails have successfully hit the inbox of your subscribers.
  • GetResponse has an auto respondent 2.0 that enables its users to send event and time based emails. This feature helps you to stay connected with your subscribers any time and at any place.
  • Time travel is another amazing feature of GetResponse. That enables you to send email according to subscriber’s location.
  • Split testing feature of GetResponse is better than other email marketing tools.
  • A/B testing feature of GetResponse allows you to analyze your online campaign. It will be telling you about the success of a campaign.
  • GetResponse has 500 plus built-in email templates. That is attractive and appealing. In addition to that it also enables its users to edit templates by making use of their simple drag and drop option.
  • GetResponse enables you to import your contacts in 16 different ways. Hence helps in list boosting.
  • GetResponse also have social media integration. It has sign up form for social websites like Facebook, linkedIn and twitter.
  • App center allows you to connect with hundreds of apps and software including PayPal, Joomla, Google Analytics, Shopify and some others.

GetResponse has options to generate video and audio.



iContact is known as an excellent email marketing tool with excellent services. iContact offers you some decent plans for newbies and people who want to step into the business world. iContact is used by millions of people and loved by them because of its customer support, built in templates, free trial and many other features. We will be discussing all the features below.


Pricing plans of iContact are just perfect for the beginners. Its pricing plan starts with $14 and allows you to send emails to 500 subscribers. iContact lacks plans for high volume email senders. The plan that allows you to send emails to 15,000 customers per month is available at $177. GetResponse is surely a winner when we compared it with iContact on the basis of pricing. The details of pricing plan of iContact  are given below.

Free Trial

Just like GetResponse, iContact also offers its users a free trial of 30 days. The drawback of using free trial of iContact as compared to GetResponse is that, iContact only allows you to send emails to 100 subscribers. In addition to this you are supposed to buy some features that are not available for free. So GetResponse clearly wins when we talk about free trials.

iContact Features

  • As compared to GetResponse, iContact has an option of message building too. It provides different message building tools for this purpose.
  • With iContact there comes better and improved tracking option.
  • iContact has decent deliverability rate. But of course not equivalent to GetResponse.
  • iContact offers its users hundreds of templates i.e. 600+ templates enabling users to select the template and layout of their own choice. Moreover you can select between various columns like one column, two column, post cards and many others.
  • iContact also has 5Mb space for image storage.
  • iContact offers app for Android and iPhone too.
  • Like GetResponse it also has signup forms for social media websites.
  • It has free plan of 30 days for new customers only.
  • Success of any online campaign also depends on spam check. Luckily iContact has that option.
  • iContact has number of tracking tool. It help you to unsubscribe any user if he is misbehaving or any other serious issue.
  • iContact helps you to edit your templates by just drag and drop option just like GetResponse. But you need to be very careful, just a little mistake can destroy your whole template.

You can send thousands of emails to subscribers according to the nature of plan.

Vertical Response

Vertical Response

Alright coming towards Vertical Response, it is a decent email marketing tool with fine features. But when we compare Vertical Response with GetResponse, of course GetResponse has an edge over it. Vertical Response includes features like customer services, free trials, templates and much more. Following are some features of vertical Response.

Pricing Plan

Talking about the pricing plans of Vertical Response, it has three pricing plans actually named as free plan, monthly plan and pay as you go plan. In free plan you can send emails to 1000 subscribers for free. Free plan is actually meant for some nonprofit groups or businesses. Monthly plan starts with $22 and allows you to send emails to 1000 subscribers per month. Talking about pay as go, in this plan you are only supposed to pay when you have to send emails. Pay as you go plan starts with $7.50 and allows you emails to 300 subscribers.

Free Trial

Vertical Response has recently introduced free trials for its users. This surely is an excellent free trial plan. Offers a free plan for 30 days, allowing you to send 4000 emails to 1000 subscribers. Well its free plan beats all other email marketing tools. If you are a nonprofit organization you can go for free trial of vertical response.

Vertical Response Features

  • Recently introduced fee plan for its customers.
  • Enables its users to send time and event based emails like GetResponse.
  • More than 1 million subscribers all across the world.
  • Vertical Response also have social media dashboard feature, that enables its users to schedule updates on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • The feature that I like the most about Vertical Response is it enables you to have access from different browsers.
  • You can analyze your campaigns and can check the success of any campaign.
  • Offers good support system.
  • Unlike GetResponse and iContact, Vertical Contact does not have image hosting feature.
  • Pay as you go option offered by Vertical Response is quite flexible.
  • It also has list segmentation option.

Final Verdict

I am choosing GetResponse over iContact and Vertical Response because it has more advance and up to date features. Moreover when we talk about ease of use, GetResponse is not better than only iContact and Vertical Response but also from all other email marketing tool. GetResponse surely is an email marketing tool that can make your online campaign a success.


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