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Getting to Know the MetaTrader 4 Mobile Forex Trading Platform


When it comes to staying one step ahead of the Forex stock market; there’s nothing quite as beneficial as utilizing software that goes above and beyond the call of duty. The new MetaTrader 4 Mobile Forex Trading Platform promises to tackle the trading world like nothing else on the market; by boasting some of the most advanced features around, all of which work seamlessly with one another on both tablets and mobile devices alike.

Understanding the Foreign Exchange Market isn’t an easy task, even for professional stock traders. With constantly changing revenue streams undergoing a consistent increase or decrease in stock valuations; it’s never been more important to be able to manage all accounts as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is something that MT4’s new trading platform excels at, with a unique level of control over multiple accounts for both investors and traders, as well as being able to transact from anywhere in the world.

Meta Trader 4

One of the biggest benefits of the MetaTrader 4 Mobile Platform is the functionality of the software itself. Whether the software is running on an Android or iPhone operating system, the user interface (UI) offers similar features with an individual tab for Quotes, Charts, Trade and History. Being able to switch between tabs instantly is useful for comparing the latest exchanges, whilst the option to create charts based on stock popularity is like no other free-software on the market. The history tab can help to locate previously viewed trades for investment and exchanges, while the quote tab features the latest stocks including their cost, valuation and high/ low variation.

A few key features are:

– The ability to control multiple user accounts simultaneously

– Investor and trader account access

– Wide availability on both Android and iPhone operating systems

– Easy UI with instant tab switching

– Compatible with all modern smartphones and tablets

– 30 technical indicators for precise trading

– Optional wi-fi and remote access

So how does the MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform compare with other similar pieces of software on the market? Well where most modern market trading platforms rely on a user to switch between accounts to trade effectively, this isn’t the case with the MetaTrader 4, as a single account can administrate multiple accounts with a few simple clicks. Not only can this help to save time and effort; it can make all of the difference between investing in a potentially weak stock and sourcing a reliable trade that can provide an instant profit.

Combine that fact with the MetaTrader 4’s ability to be used whilst on the move, over wi-fi, or via direct connection, and you have a reliable market trading platform that really goes the extra mile when it comes to stocks and exchanges. The features afforded by the MT4 not only provide an interactive platform for users to take advantage of; everything can be done from the comfort of a home, during a commute or within a busy office. As far as stock analysis and management tools go, we’d definitely recommend the mobile Forex MT4 Trading Program to experienced traders and amateurs alike.