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Getting Noticed With Internet Publicity


I‘m sure you are as excited as me about the possibilities that The Internet offers you to get noticed. I expect that you, like me, see The Internet as the future. The Internet is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to obtain free publicity and in this e-mail I’ll explain just a few of the ways to use it.

Share Your Expertise Freely

Becoming an active member of other people’s forums or blogs. Blatant advertising is discouraged but a link to your web site is usually allowed and can be very effective. Contribute to well regarded forums and social networks in your niche, offer valuable advice and before long people will be visiting you, or following you on Twitter, to find out what else you know – and possibly what kind of product or service you sell.

Podcasts And Videos

These can be a very useful way to get your message and story across. Multimedia methods are now within everyone’s grasp so think hard about ways to use these channels to enhance your reputation. You can now not only write your story but also tell it and demonstrate your unique skills too. The advantage of making full use of multimedia is that your visitors will often find reassurance in hearing or seeing your story as well as reading it. Don’t forget that you can also use experts to enhance your own reputation. Is an expert willing to be your guest and record an interview? This can enhance your reputation as well as theirs.


Start blogging. Anyone can create a blog for free, and blog postings can demonstrate your expertise and generate buzz around your ideas as well as bringing in welcome search engine traffic.

Supplement this with intelligent comments about other people’s blogs in your niche area. Deserving generosity towards other experts you admire will enhance your own reputation too.

Websites And E-mags

Write articles for websites and E mags. This is all a part of a strategy of positioning yourself as the expert. You will usually then be able to also describe what you do
and link back to your own site. Again, make everything you write, interesting, newsworthy and useful.

E Newsletter

Build your own e-mail list and tell your stories to your list on a regular basis. There’s no better way to build up trust with potential customers. People will buy from you because they like you and have come to trust you. Give them a chance to get to know you and find out just how good you are at what you do. Remember, that you are probably already a world expert in what you do or soon will be. Don’t be afraid to talk about what you are best at. Talk about your successes and your failures. We all fall flat on our face sometimes – I certainly do – so take your list into your confidence. Most people in the know, consider their list of email contacts their most valuable asset – so be generous with your help and advice, nurture your contacts, and tell them about your obstacles as well as your dreams!

I hope this Internet crammed e mail has been useful to you. Feel free to add your thoughts and reactions in the comment.

Thank you for your time.


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