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Google Changes Can Affect Your Website And Page Structure


Recently, a larger number of new website have changed their page structure, most of them have the following:

  • a navigation bar with the color of the theme or template at the top of the screen
  • a huge carousel of images (which are heavy for the website loading speed)
  • 2-3 Google AdSense ads
  • a number of articles if you scroll down.

And Google doesn’t like this, at all!

Put your content above the fold

I’ll start with a simple image example:



The problem you have here is the user needs to scroll down the huge carousel graphics, or slider which the webmaster implemented in his website, then after the page loads properly (when it’s fully loaded), the user can get cause two problems for your website:

  • high bounce rate in Google Analytics, which isn’t good at all especially if you want to sell your website later on or do a little bit of research to improve the quality of your website.
  • user experience is very bad. Just put yourself in place of your visitor. Do you want to see a low page speed and a big slider or carousel of images? NO!

Note: The bounce rate factor is also a Google formula to rank website and pages.

It’s important to build websites which users like. And if you don’t know how to build them, I’ll give you a small tip.

Head on over to Flippa.com and click on the “Advance Search” button:

flippa advance search


Fill in the details on the “Advance Search” page.

Select your niche and hit the search button. You will find lots of website from your niche which are for sale, and maybe some of them have traffic and revenue details listed. It’s just to give you an idea on your “competitors”.

Another option is to search Google for similar sites like yours, the top 5 results usually are the best ones. Filter through the results, check out each site and see what page structure they have.

Back to the page structure, if users tend to stay on your site for a longer period of time, it means your site is popular and useful.

For your knowledge, you must know that Google is rewarding website which have content above the fold. And it doesn’t mean that Google takes aggressive action against website which don’t have enough content above the fold or waste space at the top of the page. It’s good to have content above the fold as users will find it useful and eventually return to your site again, and even bookmark it.

Business owners don’t think about Google that much, especially small business owners. Like I said above, and I am going to correct myself this time. The design at company A is not always good for company B. You need to test and see what works and what doesn’t work. – This is quite important. Test, test and test.

Think mobile

Everyone should know by now, Google is rewarding website which have a mobile design, a responsive design because more and more people are surfing the web on their mobile devices. I recently saw a documentary about US people who tend to buy every new iPhone version when it comes out.

Google is pushing aggressively with mobile-friendliness this days, which is just another world for responsive design. It’s a search engine and it makes the rules.

When you manually index a site with Google these days, they will nag you constantly if they find that it needs more mobile-friendliness. This is not a bad thing… it’s good to know when improvement is possible, and to be given helpful advice on how to implement that improvement.

Did you try to index your website in Google, in the last couple of days? If so, I am sure you constantly got messages from them if your website needs more “mobile-friendliness”, but it’s an important thing, as you want mobile visits to your website too. If you have issues with developing your site theme into a mobile friendly one (responsive design) go for WPtouch Mobile Plugin. I use it on all my WordPress sites and it’s a good plugin.

It redesigns your website when a mobile user is connected to your website. On a mobile device your site will look like this:



It will be a bad thing, if Google will implement some sort of ranking penalty if your website isn’t mobile-friendly. Better be cautious and responsible for your website, than be sorry later (when you get penalized by the big G).

Android is owned by Google, and they may be pushing the mobile-friendliness forward as they want every website too be responsive and be complaint with the Android users needs. You can use the WordPress plugin from above if your a owner of a WordPress based site. The plugin is free and good looking with the design.

With the latest Google update, if your website isn’t supporting mobile devices, you may find yourself below your competition in the search results. And this update will be device and location specific.


Keep up-to-date with all Google changes as they impact your website rankings and design. Explain to your clients (this is the hardest part) what changes the website is facing. And adapt.

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  1. Very informative post. I absolutely love the graphics!

    Interesting to see that blogs and social bookmarking have the largest share in clicks in the statisticsshown here.


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