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How Far Do Graphic Designer Salaries Vary?


Graphic designer jobs often involve the media, entertainment, and printing industry. Graphic design is responsible for much of the visual displays known throughout the world. There are many graphic designer jobs in print media and in interactive media, both of which are available through graphic design.


Graphic design is known for its freedom, and unique creativity and the chances are good if something has a logo, someone had to have created it and that someone was more than likely a graphic designer.

While salary is of course a very important factor when considering a career, it should not be the only thing considered. Students should pursue something they love to do and something they are passionate about in order to get the most out of their career. A job within graphic design can be very rewarding both personally and financially. The responsibilities of the graphic designer can be on a very multi task type level or can be a very job specific level. It can also be very demanding. The graphic design salary can of course be very different between levels of experienced such as between the very experienced level and beginning entry level.

One thing a student should consider before choosing a career in graphic design is what they are going to be earning once they graduate as well as the long term what they will eventually be earning in the future. Students preparing to enter the field of graphic design can look forward to a high level of expected job growth and most people with years of experience can earn around $100,000 in one year. It’s important to know the expectations of a graphic designer salary range when considering it for your field of employment especially since people who are just entering the field are not likely to find a starting salary anywhere near that area. It is good to know that is however the range that you can eventually expect to work your way up to.

Something to consider ahead of time is will there be a demand for graphic designers or has the market already been flooded with them? Will you be able to find a job in the market after graduating? Is there job placement available through the school you are attending? There are many schools across the country offering to prepare students to enter the workforce in graphic design however they have little value if there are no jobs available in graphic design after you graduate. These are questions that should be considered before starting your graphic designer education.

As interactive media becomes more popular, computers, cell phones and video games become more universal. Graphic designers advance in technology developing more advanced products and the salary range increases. In 2007 the average graphic designer salary range was around $40,000. Depending on the individual skill level and their place of employment the salary range is actually between 25 and $75,000 and the demand for more designers is expected to grow by 10 percent by 2016.



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