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How I Generated 40K+ Followers on Pinterest


Whats up guys, how are your internet ventures doing? I hope everything is good and you enjoyed my last post on how to create backlinks (high-quality web 2.0) – if you didn’t check it out, you should, I go into detail about everything you need  to know about web 2.0 backlinks and how they can improve your rankings if you keep them updated.

Today I want show you how I generated 40K+ followers on Pinterest with only 9 accounts. I have to say, it was not simple, but its sure well worth it as my niche site is getting more traffic and revenue then never before. First when I started in the women niche, I saw a great opportunity to bring in more traffic from Pinterest then any other search engine or social media network. My girlfriend has her fashion site (that’s the only thing I can say, don’t want people discovering her domain name and spamming the site with bad links) – on a side note, my blog www.sitagabriel.com got hammered with brute force attacks in the past weeks by people who I don’t know.

Anyway, she wanted a fashion site because of her love for fashion, accessories, boots and more related to fashion; I gone ahead and set up a great looking blog for her based on WordPress and she just started posting articles. The site is simple looking, with custom logo, monetized with AdSense and affiliate links, mobile optimized, page speed optimized (so it’s fast) and more.

I had an idea on how to get more traffic to her site. I knew from reading news sites, Pinterest has more than 80% on average female users who spend more than 15 minutes on it with a household income of $50k+. You get the idea, they like to watch images and spend a little money here and there, so I thought why not spend some money on my girlfriends site.

One of my friends told me about PinBlaster which is a software used with proxies to generate followers, repin images, comment, like, and more. I asked him a few questions about the software and he told me everything about it, even how to use it. Now it’s my time to open up and tell you how you can generate over 40k (40,000) followers on Pinterest the easy way. You will not have to hit the follow button on the Pinners page of Pinterest and go through out the social network and start searching for users to follow in your niche.

In this article I will explain how to use PinBlaster and why is it good to any internet marketer to have a good social media following, and no people, Pinterest isn’t just for girls, I know a few people doing good within the male niches on Pinterest based on their following and repins from their profile.

So let’s get started.

Pinterest information for an internet marketer

First check out this infographic and read carefully with attention about the power of Pinterest.

pinterest infographic


As you can see it’s interesting, let me sum it up for you:

  • 40% of users have a $50k+ household income.
  • There are more shared on Pinterest then on any other social mediat network.
  • 9 out of 10 users are women.
  • 14.2 minutes average visit time. And that’s only 1 visit. Some users visit Pinterest more often.

You can really see the potential of making decent passive income from a niche site with Pinterest traffic, also if you have SEO skills that’s a plus in my eyes.

Below is my proof of followers on Pinterest.

screen 1


I cannot tell you my account names for security reasons. But its achievable if you know what you’re doing, relax I’m going to show you exactly how I got 40K+ followers in total on this accounts.

Now that you know a little bit more about Pinterest and hopefully you can see the potential of it I am going to recommend you a great piece of software which will help you gain thousands of followers in a couple of weeks/1 month max. The software name is PinBlaster.

Using PinBlaster



Before I dive into the details, I’ll show you features of this wonderful software.


  • Easy scrape and follow users
  • Auto post content on your blog
  • Pin, like, comment repin with 1 click
  • Multiple accounts & proxy support

More detailed features:

pinblaster features

Ok, I’ll going to share with you one more screenshot, which is my followers count on 9 accounts then I’ll dive into detail about how to use the software.

screen 1

Alright, that’s just my proof that I’ve got 43159 follower at the moment.

After you own PinBlaster you will receive the login details for it. Remember this software never expires or has a subscription form, you own it till the end of the world – if I may say. Whats good about it, it’s the fact that it’s updated regularly showing that the owner really cares about the software and it’s users.

You see only 8 accounts on the above screenshot because the account with my real IP isn’t displayed. I’m using 8 accounts with 8 different private proxies, as Pinterest got a little smarter. It’s good to use 1 proxy / 1 account. That’s the way I’m doing it, been using 1 proxy for 3 accounts, but that’s not going to help me or you in anyway now, the algorithm has changed and now as a results of my testing, I found out that newly created accounts get more “attention”, more followers and repins than older accounts.

If you want reliable, fast and 99.9% uptime you should go to InstantProxies (aff) and they will get you set up right away. Before you buy the proxies, you can check a part of their proxies without logging in or paying for them. You can test up to 500 private proxies and they can be used for:

  • general browsing
  • pinterest
  • amazon
  • craiglist
  • facebook
  • google
  • ticketmaster
  • yahoo
  • twitter
  • youtube

I didn’t get any ban from Pinterest since september 2014, when I first started, you will not get banned if you follow my steps below.

Ok, once you’ve got your private proxies all, make sure you add your own IP in the admin panel in InstantProxies or what ever other proxy provider you have choosen, so PinBlaster can work well and not give you any connection errors because of the proxies.

I made a video tutorial for you which will better explain how to use the software and get followers. Enjoy!

I forgot to mention in the video:

– after you added the proxies you need to assign them to each account (remember 1 proxy for 1 account) by right-clicking the account and to select proxy, just go to “Select Proxy” – over there you’ll have a list of proxies.

Pinterest action

How to make all this work in order to get traffic and revenue. It’s quite simple. Follow this steps:

  1. Pin from your niche site with your main account (the one with your real IP address) – pin to one of your boards
  2. Repin your pin from your main account to secondary boards on your other Pinterest accounts
  3. Act natural, and normal. Pin from other sites with all of your accounts, repin from Pinterest. Be sure to have more than 10 boards excluding group boards on each and every Pinterest account.
  4. Pin at 7-8 AM, 1-2 PM and 8-9 PM, USA time zone.


For monetizing your niche site, I’d recommend AdSense as the traffic from Pinterest is high quality and maybe some affiliate products, but they must be relative to your website niche.

Once the traffic starts rolling in, experiment with the adplacements to see which ones work better. If you have mobile traffic, like my girlfriend does, it’s best to put your ads inside the content / article.

  1. first ad should be 300×250 at the beginning of the content / article
  2. second ad 300×250 in the middle
  3. third ad 300×250 at the bottom of the article.

If you see your niche site succeed, getting traffic and revenue, start build up more sites, in the same niche and build up more pinterest accounts.


Note: if you’re having trouble with PinBlaster, check out this official video tutorial by clicking here.


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