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How Much In-House SEO Activities Will Cost Small Companies


How much you will spend on SEO will rely on the keywords that you target, their level of competition and how many you use. If you use more keywords, it will cost more. If your company is not as well-known on the web as your competition, you will have to spend more to get to the top rank and bring in more customers to your website. Given that, you can still make a general estimate on how much SEO activities will cost you so you will have a basis for comparison.

You can reduce your expenses in SEO if you do all of it, or at least some of it, in-house. For instance, a small business that targets five keywords that are somewhat competitive will spend about £100 to £2500 per year. More details are below. Higher costs are usually incurred during the first year. After that, you can expect to spend £100 to £1200 per year

Your cost in doing SEO in-house is not just a monetary expense. You will spend time and effort in the process as well, and those are not free. How much investment in time you will need to make will depend on what kind of skills you or your staff have. You may need to invest a bit of time into training. After that, you can expect to set aside 5 to 15 hours every month on SEO activities.

The follow summary will give you an idea of how much time and money a small business can expect to spend when doing SEO in-house:

Education: Cost = £0, time = 20 to 40 hours
It should cost nothing financially to learn SEO because there are plenty of free resources online, like blogs and online forums. For instance, there is great information right here in this website. If you just want to rank above your small business competition, you only need to know the beginning to lower-intermediate levels of SEO. There is no need to get into the expert strategies of the higher levels.

Research: Cost = £100 – £200, time = 10 to 20 hours
Research has to be done on your competitors and keywords. Researching keywords can be free if you draw from your own knowledge of your industry of business and use the Keyword Tool from Google. To do research on your competition, you will need to pay for a tool. Ahrefs.com is a popular one that costs about £50 a month to use. This tool will help you find out how strong your competition is, and how trustworthy and authoritative it is. You can see which websites are linking to it. You do not have to use this tool every month; just use it in the first month, then every three to six months afterwards.

On-Site Optimisation: Cost = £0 – £30, time = 5 to 10 hours
It will cost you nothing financially if you can learn how to do on-site optimisation yourself and gain enough skill to change the code yourself. However, code editing can get very technical and tricky. If you make just a minor mistake, it can jeopardize your attempt to achieve a high rank. Therefore, if you are unsure about your code editing abilities, you should get advice from an SEO consultant. He can review your work or take over some of the work for you.

Content: Cost = £0 to £1000, time = 20 to 40 hours
Each service or product that your company offers should have its own web page. In addition, you should have 5-15 pages of authoritative content that will bring in attention from social media and backlinks. You can even considercreating a blog that you will update biweekly or monthly. All of this content should be written by you because you know your business better than anyone else. If you are not happy with your quality of writing, then you should hire a copywriter who can edit and make improvements on your writing.

Backlinks: Cost = £0 to £1000, time = 20 to 40 hours
In a sense, you should not have to pay for backlinks. In fact, it is against the guidelines stipulated by Google. However, although you supposedly can achieve a high rank with just the free backlinks, in reality, you will probably spend some money. This is true particularly if you do not want to wait a long time getting to a high rank. A small company can expect to spend £10-£100 for one backlink. If you plan to have 50-100, you will probably have to pay for about 10 to 20 percent of them.

Analytics: Cost = £0, time = 5 to 10 hours
This will cost you nothing financially. Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics will provide you with all the essential information about your website without charge. This includes how highly your website is ranked, how many visitors came through, what keywords were used to look for your website, and more. You can learn how to interpret this information so you can use it to find out where your website is the strongest and where you can make improvements. A small business would only need to look into this once per month.


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