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How to Create Backlinks (High-Quality Web 2.0)


Hey guys, in today’s article I’ll be going through some things which I think you will love. Today I am talking about how to create web 2.0 links which stick and get indexed quite faster. So if you’re having trouble with your money site, just keep reading on and you will learn a few things, helping you to rank faster in Google. To achieve good rankings in Google or other search engine you should make more than 30 web 2.0’s the way I make them.

The secret is to make the web 2.0 just like a normal blog. Let’s say your name is John and you have johnstechguides.wordpress.com – you should make it personal and keep updating your blog (web 2.0) – the update part is very important and time consuming, I’m letting you know right now. It takes time to manage 200+ web 2.0’s but the benefit is good, you will be struggling with updates and fresh content on your web 2.0, but it’s worth it believe me. Organic traffic will flow to your money site without a problem.

Ok let’s get started on this one.

You can check out my web 2.0 list here. I am going to list here only the best ones:

  • wordpress
  • blogger
  • webs
  • weebly
  • yolasite
  • blog.com

This are just a few. But when you run through my list you’ll find more, and if you run out of web 2.0 on which you create the links just start over again. Let’s say you’re done with the list and created 60 web 2.0, now you’ll going to start again with WordPress.com and build another blog, but with different email, password, title, and so on.

Step 1: Sign up to 10+ different platforms (it really depends on your determination for making real money online, true passive income)

Opt for high PR platforms, in my post you’ll find PR, DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority).

After you registered, be sure to check your email and click the confirmation link in order to get your platform set up.

Step 2: Create the blogs

It’s important to know what you are targeting, what keyword are you targeting. Let’s say your money site (your main site which you want to earn from) is about Football (Soccer for you who don’t know, not American football) and your keyword is “Football skills” or “Football training”.

You’ll have to create a blog with your keyword as a subdomain, for example: “footballtrainingblog.wordpress.com” – I think this one is taken, but you get the idea. Use words like: my, blog, xl, x, guide, etc in front and back of your keyword, you get it, hopefully.

But the main idea is to start with the high PR platform and go down the list until the last PR, say PR 3.

Next thing is to add description and title to your blog, simply insert your keyword in the title without being obvious that you are targeting that keyword, same for description. A good example is:

“Your source for <<Keyword>>”, “Look no further, we have <<Keyword>>”, and so on.

Step 3: Create: about me, contact, terms of use, privacy policy pages.

Important: First create this page on your blog.

This step is quite simple, all you have to do is create this pages to look natural, just like you created the pages for your money site. Add a personal feel to all this pages and you’ll be fine.

Adding a few words in “about me” page is easy if you know your field (Football for example). You can say something like this:

“Hello, my name is John, I am a 23 yo football player and I love helping people out with football training, I am aspiring to become a football couch, currently studding at “AAA University” and really love what I do, in my spare time I help people shoot better and improve their football skills.”

Something like that will do the job. Make it personal, like you’re another person enjoying his life as a Football player (or what ever your niche is). But be sure you know your niche and you’re an expert on it, because you’ll get comments on this blogs and you should reply back with your experience. – Comments on this blogs is a good thing as you’ll have more content on a specific page, making it good and relevant in the eyes of Google.

I almost forgot. Add a image of a random guy if you’re targeting “football”, image of a girl if your targeting a more feminine niche, like beauty or fashion. You get the point.

Next step is to add information on your contact page, same… make it personal, like:

“If you want to get in touch with me, talk about football just send me a message below” – after this text you’ll need to insert the Contact Form 7 code into the page. It’s simple to add the code. After installing Contact Form 7, go to the plugin page and copy the [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] code and add it to your contact page below the text.

Terms of use and privacy policy is recommended to have on your platform as it give trust to your personal blog. Copy terms of use from another site and edit it accordingly, change the URL or Domain from the other site. Same with Privacy Policy.

It’s important to place Terms of Use, Contact, About me and Privacy Policy in the footer of the blog if you’re theme is allowing this, if not, place it in the sidebar.

Note: Create a unique personality for each of your fake authors on the web 2.0’s. Adding a female author is good for diversification, even if it’s a boy/man niche.

Step 4: Create welcome post.

After you finished with the other pages, it’s time to create a welcome post where you welcome your visitor to your newly create blog.

Important: Don’t create the welcome post on all your web 2.0’s all at once, schedule them across a few days, depending on how many blogs are you willing to create,  and how determined are you to earn more with passive income.

A welcome page should be simple. Just write something like this:

“Welcome to my football training blog, I will be writing and teaching you about football in order for you to be successful player and be noticed in the football field.”

This was just a simple example, give your imagination a try and you’ll do just fine.

Step 5: (Important) Add content to your blog/blogs.

First things first, write a long article about your niche, insert your keyword, along side LSI keywords. Make it long, unique, relevant to your niche. Don’t use a spinner to spin content from different article sources, if your lazy that day (which I don’t recommend) don’t write anything. Another option if you’re lazy, buy a decent article (the longer the letter) and add images to it. Or you can go to my last post and get a good article with my method. Get Unique Articles For Your Backlinks

  • Add a video related to your niche (this will be another post)
  • Add infographich (another post)
  • Add quotes
  • Add images
  • Add webinars
  • Add more content

But don’t add them all at once, add a piece of content each 2 hours or so and don’t insert your link right away in the newly created blog, let it with content (video, infographic, content, images, etc.) for a week or so, then after a week come back to your newly created blogs and add another piece of article with your link in it. Add the link at the beginning of the paragraph. Or if you don’t have an article ready, add an image with a little text and insert your link into the image, so when people will click the image it will direct them to your money site, but that’s not important, you’re looking for a link from a good web 2.0 directed to your money site, not visits from it.

Schedule your post throughout weeks/months at different times and dates, this way you’ll don’t have to worry about them for a while.


  • 500 words minimum (unique and relevant, not spinned article)
  • Keyword density should be 1-3%


  • Go to instagram, pinterest and save a relevant image to your PC, but name it: “keyword.PNG” and then upload it to your blog.
  • Add alt tag


  • make your a good video tutorial
  • find relevant videos

Authority link:

  • Link to wikipedia, or other big authority website from  your content.

Anchor text:

  • Exact match anchors 10%
  • brand name anchors 30%
  • URL variations 20%
  • LSI 20%
  • generic 20%

Hope this article helped you and you actually learned something.

Do remember, if you give up you failed in IM.

Until next time, be happy, enjoy life!



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