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Hummingbird Flies – How To Survive Google Updates


Chances are that any and all in the SEO game will know by now that Google has rolled out one of its biggest algorithm changes in history. While it may have been announced by Google just a week or so ago, the new indexation system – or at least the new rules – have actually been in place for about a month now. So what this means to you is that any changes you’ve noticed across your website or only business as of the beginning of September could indeed be due to Google Hummingbird.

As usual, some have noticed positive changes in the form of traffic spiking through the roof, while others seem to have died a death. But in all cases it’s once again a case of being rewarded, punished or generally ignored by Google in accordance with whether or not the rules have been followed.

So in the spirit of forward thinking and making the best of what’s to come, here’s a quick look at the ways and means at your disposal to make sure that next time around, Google’s updates don’t have a negative effect on you and yours.

Read the Reports

First up, if technical details are your ‘thing’ then now is the time to go online and download yourself a complete guide to precisely what Google has toyed with this time around. Anything that hasn’t been fully divulged by Google has of course been filled in by those with a penchant for reading between the lines so if you really want to know the ins and outs of Hummingbird, you need to do some reading. And if of course you outsource SEO to a third party, this should be their job.

Take the Hint

What’s become very clear by now is that Google’s update will continue to become more frequent and more severe as time moves forward. As such, it’s really time to take the hint that just coasting along will not cut the mustard and the only way forward is proactivity. Or in other words, those that don’t take the hint and act on it may have gotten away with it this time around, but are on very borrowed time.

Tone it Down

Next up, with every Google update we’re starting to get the feeling that a ‘less is more’ approach is what the powers that be are looking for. It’s no longer a case quantity having any real play over quality, meaning that from keywords to backlinks to content and so on and so forth, forcing it with pure numbers just will no work anymore. And what’s more, punishments for going OTT are becoming more severe.

Make the Effort

Lastly for now, the key thing to take away from this and several of the more minor updates to come before is that Google is doing all it can to reward those who work hard on genuinely appealing sites, while at the same time punishing spammers. So whether you outsource SEO or take care of it yourself, now more than ever you get out exactly what you put in and faking it is out of the question.


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