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Importance of Social Media to a Business’s Success


By Kyle Scott Blackhurst

Since the internet was created, the depth of its influence on a business’s success or failure has been growing ever deeper and ever stronger. The internet has done businesses a favor by increasing accessibility, all while making their products available basically anywhere in the world where there is internet and some sort of a delivery system.

Designing business social media platforms and creating content to be shared allows for the capability of increased visibility providing a company with a chance to become more present across the internet and thus increase their potential sales.

Why social media is crucial to a business’s success

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allow for a business to become accessible on a more personal level rather than being viewed as a faceless and voiceless entity. This provides a business with the opportunity to engage with others and produce content that your target consumers will want to see.

With return engagement from business members to various members of the public engaging the business’s social media platforms, the possibility of them sharing content from your pages will increase. People like when businesses have faces or voices and aren’t a silent giant entity.

Also, having social media platforms provides the ability for businesses to target their consumers and stay on top of any damage control that may need – after all, every business is bound to experience a disgruntled customer or ex-employee at some time or another. Social media platforms are great ways to create and spread customer satisfaction.

Not only does social media provide a business with the opportunity to engage with the community on a more personal level, it also increases their visibility on the internet. The more pages you have on various platforms and the more engagement you put into being a presence on these platforms, the better the result will be.

The reason for this is because social media platforms build up a network that can help share/spread your content, site and brand. This provides companies with the opportunity to build up their brand, their name recognition, and hopefully will help move them towards an increase in the search engine results pages rankings.

When people share content from a business’s social media or website, it will increase their visibility. This, in turn, will provide the business with a better opportunity to increase their sales. When running a business and designing your website, make sure to make your social media platforms easily accessible on various locations of your website. Consider even putting in a Twitter or Facebook RSS feed on some pages in order to increase its publicity to people who aren’t following your company’s social media platforms.

This feed will show your business’s latest posts on whichever social media outlet you choose to have an RSS feed of. The RSS feed most likely to be found on company’s websites is their Twitter feed. The typical social media RSS feed can be found on the left or right panels of various webpages. There is also usually a subscribe option that will have the different icons for the various social media platforms that a consumer can follow.

To wrap up…

An online presence is key to a business’s success or failure in today’s economic world. With the internet becoming an ever growing opportunity for the consumption and distribution of products, having social media platforms to engage consumers by creating content to share with them and connecting to them on a personal level on these platforms is becoming ever more needed.

Creating content that can be shared and reshared on social media is becoming increasingly important as these shares equate to SEO value. If your business doesn’t have a social media presence, take some time to create social media platforms and redesign your website to make it so your social media is accessible to more individuals outside of those hearing about it from social media.

This will extend your following even more allowing for ultimate potential. With the future heading towards an online, technological world, start taking advantage by starting to explore the best way to market your company by spreading its content and creating content to share through social media outlets.


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