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Keep And Grow Your Audience


This is probably one of the most crucial lessons if you want to continue to maintain and grow your blog’s audience. When I first started blogging I would write and post, write and post. Sometimes even forgetting to spell check (yes, I forgot the cardinal rule of blogging). I continued this pattern for weeks and wondered why my readers only consisted of my parents, grandparents and a few friends who wanted to be supportive. Dear God, they were so sweet!

Talk about great people! To be honest, now that I look back on it, the content wasn’t my best. My images weren’t that great and I filled my archives for the sake of having an archive. I have framed some of those posts on the wall of my office to reflect back on. To remind myself that everyday I’m constantly learning and that I don’t know it all. In the blogging world, there’s no such thing as “just post it” or “slap it up there.” Well, there is, but don’t expect people to continue to read your blog. Here are my top 3 tips when it comes to content and the key to keeping and growing your audience!

1. Quality Over Quantity:

It’s important to make sure you’re posting high quality articles, even if it’s just a few times a month or once a week! It won’t matter how often you’re posting if the quality of your articles begins to suffer. Keep in mind your articles play a determining factor in whether or not people are likely to revisit your site, share your content with others over social media or other platform and read other articles linked within. Taking the time to sit down and really think through your article really goes a long way. It let’s your audience know you’re not just going to post something just to fill the space. Have you ever heard someone “talk” but they aren’t really saying anything? Think of quality over quantity just like that!

2. A Picture Says A Thousand Words:

A picture is just as much apart of the content as the actual words in the article. Often times, a picture is the first thing anyone sees before they decide whether or not to continue reading. It’s the old “don’t judge a book by its cover,” quote you’ve heard about a few hundred times but the opposite. People are going to use the image you feature to determine if they should pin-it, share it, read it, like it, love it, I think you get it. Just as you’d plan the content of your article make sure your image accurately reflects what your article is about. If you’re writing about goldfish, a picture of Jimmy Choo shoes while gorgeous, won’t make sense.

3. Engage:

Taking the time to engage with your readers it a great way to help create rich content! Again this isn’t too commonly thought of when it comes to keeping and growing your audience but it’s essential.  Why? Think about it, when you comment especially if you’re posting something meaningful it allows the blogger to comment back and it fosters discussion and an opportunity for others to learn and engage in the conversation as well. It’s a great way for the bloggers and readers to connect with one another. Often times the blogging world can seem small and sometimes impersonal. Commenting gives the blogger a face and the opportunity to get to know readers by name.Bonus tip: Your articles is written. Pictures have been added. Before you post, stop and think. Is this something that you’d like to read? Would you revisit a blog with an article like this? If you can answer yes to both of those, I think you’re well on your way to keeping and growing your blog’s audience!


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