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Quick Alternative Traffic Tip


I was thinking of another alternative traffic source for my site a few days ago, and though about the ways I receive traffic for my Photoshop tutorial site using tutorial databases. For most blogs this would not seem like the right place to add your articles and probably not if you only have review post, but if you have a few post that are borderline tutorials then this tip might be for you. If your post is a “How-to”, for example “How to boost your Alexa traffic”, “How to get a better Google rank”, “How to modify your WordPress theme”, or along those general lines you might have some luck with submitting your post to some of the tutorial databases around. There are a few that have categories for “General Website Development” which these post will fall into.

Probably the most populars would be pixel2life and tutorialized, but there are plenty around for you to research and find out if they have the right categories as most will probably only deal with Photoshop or design related tutorials. I receive a good stream of traffic from these sites on my tutorial site and from two post I submitted on here. If your post hits the frontpage you are bound to get at least 500-1000 hits from that one day alone, and a few hundred a week afterwards. Most do go though a screening process so I would not try to submit your reviews or off-topic post. Most of the time it may take a week or two to get in the main section, but it could be a good source of traffic.

Another good thing is the post will be redirected straight to your site and even better most of the time your post will be higher up in the search results which will also bring in more traffic from using the tutorial databases. Most of the bigger tutorial sites get scraped, so most likely you will be posted on some of the smaller tutorial sites as well.

One good tip to using these is to make sure to have a catchy Icon for your submission so that it will catch the viewers attention. Also make your titles and descriptions stand out. You should look at each site that you are submitting to and make sure to see their guidelines for submitting an icon so that you will know what sizes and formats to make for each one so that you will not have to keep going back in and making a new one each time, every site is usually different most are 45×45 or 50×50 and either jpg or gif so I usually have four icons when I am ready to submit my post to the databases.

This may not work for all blogs or blog topics, but if you have certain types of post that may fall in to these categories then this might be another good source of traffic for your blog. I’m sure most SEO and WordPress tips will get approved if it is not already to many of the same topic in the database already. It will not hurt to give it a try and get a tad bit more traffic.


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