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Quick Tip for Getting a Graphic Design Job Fast: Post Your Resume Online


When it comes to finding work as a graphic designer – or any job for that matter – you should be pursuing as many avenues as possible. One such avenue, and actually one of the quickest and often most effective ways of putting yourself in front of potential employers, is to post your resume online. Think about it: just by uploading your resume once, you can be getting yourself in front of thousands of companies that are proactively looking for people just like you. How long would it take for you to contact that many places by letter, or even email?

Resume Online

Many companies and employers make resume sites their first port of call when looking for new staff, whether they‘re looking for a graphic designer such as yourself, or any other position to fill. Frankly, it’s an obvious option to pursue.

However, for those of you not yet convinced, let’s take a closer look at why online resume sites are so effective. We’ll even give you examples of sites to post to! Here’s why you should post your resume online today:

You Save Time: As hinted at above, this method is probably the quickest out there and at least the most time-effective. Rather than having to spend countless hours (and expense) contacting companies by phone, mail and email, you simply upload your resume once. There, done! Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t utilize the traditional methods of contacting companies as well, but it sure is a quick way to get exposure. And just because it’s quick and “easy”, it doesn’t mean it’s less effective:

Better Exposure: That’s right, posting your resume online is actually an incredibly effective strategy. Not only are you getting your resume in front of thousands of potential employers in one go, rather than one-by-one, but you’re also getting it in front of the right prospects. Let’s face it; a lot of companies that you contact may not be looking for new staff. Online resume sites, however, are filled with employers that are actively looking for new members of staff, and more specifically to you, looking for graphic designers.

Check These Out: There are countless online resume sites to post to, some more effective than others. Monster.com is a popular one, and one of the biggest along with CareerBuilder.com. Yahoo also have a partnership with Monster at HotJobs.Yahoo.com, and PostResume.com and Jobvertise.com are very much worthwhile. These are some of the biggest sites and should be more than enough to get your resume in front of the right eyeballs!

Overall, hopefully this article has conveyed the effectiveness (and ease) of posting your resume online. Frankly, there’s no reason not to do so. The field of graphic design work can be very competitive in particular, so leveraging your time and maximizing your chances as much as possible is an absolute must. Give yourself that extra exposure and post your resume online today. Good Luck!


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