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Samsung Gear S Review


Samsung Gear S review

The future is here, especially for Samsung users, with the release of the Samsung Gear S smartwatch that looks like a device from the future.

Have you ever watched spy movies and said to yourself how I would love to have some of these high tech gadgets. Well, now you can, with the Samsung Gear S smartwatch, you can now live your childhood dream of owning a sophisticated device which improves your digital lifestyle. The first impressions given by this device is that of style and sophistication. It has a curved display that blends perfectly with its black strap which also doubles as a comfort factor for your wrist. It comes with an external power pack which latches on under the device providing a charging
outlet and emergency power.

The smartwatch has a wide variety of interesting features such as the ability to forward calls on to the watch allowing you to receive and make calls via the device. You can also receive notifications on the device which vibrates to notify you. On another spectrum, this device is also a good fitness tracker as it gives users options for different types of workouts and set goals for them to achieve. Additionally, if you your mobile device is too far from reach, you could also browse the web via the Opera Mini app downloadable from the Gear app store.

Samsung Gear S review

During our tests with this nifty device, we find that as a complement it does its job splendidly. No longer, will you fumble around looking for your mobile device in your pockets as this smartwatch does all the basics well enough. Calling with the device also poses no issues as the volume is audible while the controls are intuitive. One downside however would be that the battery life does not last long with just enough battery to last a day. Another aspect to note is that this device is only compatible with Samsung GALAXY smartphones.


After all is said and done, the Samsung Gear S smartwatch is an interesting new tool that supplements your Samsung GALAXY device. So for those out there who are looking for something unique to start the New Year with, try this device out and gain style points from your peers.