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Selfie Apps (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)


Want to click great selfies? Well, there are apps for that. And these five, in our opinion, will ensure that your selfies always look awesome. Without costing a penny either. Since when did clicking

yourself have to cost money!

Selfie Apps

FrontBack (Android, iOS)

FrontBack (Android, iOS)
This app has been designed with a simple premise: to take a picture of an object and also your reaction to it. So it in essence takes two images, using both cameras of the device. You take the first shot by the rear camera and then it is time to switch to selfie mode with the front facing camera taking your picture – a good idea would be to show your reaction to what the rear camera clicked to give the first picture some context.

The app will place both pictures one below the other to create one single shot, which shows what you saw and how you reacted to it. The best thing about FrontBack is the fact that it is also a social network. So not only do you shoot selfies, but you also share them and get likes and comments.

Lumia Selfie

Lumia Selfie (Windows Phone)
As the name indicates, this is an app from Nokia designed for Lumia phones. And it manages to combine simplicity of operation with some very cool effects too. The app launches the selfie
camera, but the fun starts after you have clicked a picture of yourself.

For, then you can not only add more than a dozen filter effects to it but even get into serious selfie- editing mode, doing things like enlarging eyes (well, just a bit), enhancing eyes, playing around with skin tone, softening your look, whitening your teeth, and well, if you think you are looking chubby, even taking a few pounds off your face using the ‘thin’ option. Our favourite effect remains the one that places your selfie bang on the cover of a Lumia magazine. Pretty much a must-have app for all Lumia owners, we think.

CamMe (iOS)

CamMe (iOS)
One of the biggest challenges while taking selfies is holding the camera and ensuring that your arm does not become too visible. Well, what if there was an app that simply did away with the need to hold the camera? CamMe for the iPhone and iPad is designed for just that – it lets you take pictures with just gestures of your hand (you raise your hand to start the shot, and clench your fist to take it).

So you can actually place the phone somewhere and take a picture using a gesture. Great for those moments when you want a full-length picture of yourself (no one has an arm long
enough for that) and for when you want a picture with a lot of your friends. There are also some handy editing options, but for us, what rocks is the gesture control.


Perfect 365 (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)
No matter how much you like taking selfies, rare indeed is the person who thinks that they have the perfect face. Yes, thanks to a bevy of image editing apps these days, one can tweak one’s
appearance a bit but that does tend to take a lot of time, which not too many have the patience to spend.

Which is why apps like Perfect 365 have been designed. Called the “one-tap makeover” app, the app’s purpose is simple – to let you add effects with minimum of fuss with just a tap of your finger. So once you have taken your selfie, you can go right ahead and remove blemishes, soften skin, whiten teeth, and if you are a person who is familiar with cosmetics, even opt for different make up styles.

The app also has a handy option which lets you check how you look before and after the effects. It takes a bit of getting used to but is much easier than messing around with a complex photo editor.

Line Selfie Sticker (Android, iOS)

Line Selfie Sticker (Android, iOS)
Yes, there are dozens of apps that claim to let you take the perfect selfie. But what about changing that selfie into a sticker? Well, that’s where the Line Selfie Sticker app comes in. Not surprisingly, it comes from the folks who have developed the famous Line Messenger app, an app which sees a lot of stickers being used.

And the app is brilliantly designed. You simply pick a sticker or a group of stickers in which you want your selfie placed. The app then does not simply take a selfie but provides a frame within which you can place your photograph and makes you take a snap accordingly.

That done, it converts your selfie into a sticker by placing your face in the appropriate location of a sticker, blending it right in. Of course, you are then free to share your selfie sticker not just on Line but on different social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well.