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How To Start A Professional Blog From The Scratch? 7 Steps


Blogging in these days is becoming more popular. Earlier people only do the blogging for personal purposes but now that traditional blogging turned into professional blogging. Some professional bloggers are making thousands of dollars every month with their blogs. In these days blogging is the main income source of many people. Some people do blogging as a part time job and there are many full time bloggers also in the blogosphere. In this article I will teach you how to create a professional blog from the scratch?

Steps to create your professional blog from the beginning

Below I published all the required steps to start your professional blog. The first thing which I want to tell you before starting your professional blog is that, “Please do blogging if you are interested.” Blogging demands lot of time and patience. Ask yourself that, am I interested in Blogging and ready to spend my precious time in this field? If the answer is yes then follow my steps. These steps will guide you to start a professional blog without so many problems.Importance of Social Networks For your Blog!& Free Submission High PR Web Directories List!

Step 1. Decide the niche for your blog.

This is the first thing which you have to do before start your blog. Decide what you will post on your blog. You can choose the topic of your interest or any popular topic. When you have decided about the blog niche then go to the step number 2.

Step 2. Choose your blog name.

Blog name is the unique identity of your blog. Choose the name of your blog. You can choose your name as your blog or you can select any other name.

Step 3. Buy Domain Name.

Then purchase a domain name for your blog. A domain name is necessary for a professional blog. Domain name is the address of any website or blog on the Internet like SitaGabriel.com, HiFiFun.Org etc. There are many companies who register domain names. But I will recommend you Bigrock.Com. I am using their services from 2 years and I am happy with their reliable services. Their prices are also cheaper than others. You can register your domain name by Clicking Here to get 25% Discount.

Step 4. Choose CMS & Hosting service.

CMS is content management system which makes blogging easy for you. You can design & manage your blog without any knowledge of programming language. WordPress is the best CMS for your professional blog. Many popular websites, magazines are also using the great service of WordPress. You need to purchase web hosting from any web hosting providers. There are many web hosting companies in the world but I am listing two popular and reliable web hosting companies for your WordPress blog. These are WPEngine & Bluehost. You can choose any one from these companies to host your professional blog.

Step 5. Select a Professional Template.

You can select free as well as paid WordPress template for your blog. Template is how your blog will look like. You can search on the Google about the free templates as well as paid WordPress templates.

Step 6. Installation of Your Professional Blog.

After purchasing domain name, web hosting & theme for your blog you need to install your WordPress blog. You have to install WordPress on your web hosting account and then create your blog on the WordPress. After that you need to install your blog template. You also have to install some important SEO plugins for your blog. If you know all these things then it is very good for you. And if you don’t know how to do all these things then you have no need to worry about it. I offer these kinds of services to my clients. I will make your professional blog ready for you. You can contact from the contact us page or check our Services Page. I also personally teach all about blogging. You can get the coaching from me.

Step 7. Publish your first post!

Now your blog is ready to go online. After finishing all the things, write down and publish the first post on your blog. Publish continuously on your blog and keep the regular back up of your posts and blog. In this way you can start your own professional blog. Crate unique and quality contents to get the traffic on your blog. You can also monetize your blog and earn plenty of money with it. Read all the best and reliable ways to earn money with your blog. I hope that this article is helpful for you to setup your own professional blog successfully. If I missed any step or you want to share your own views and experience then you can do this simply by the comments below. Good Luck!


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