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Apple coming out with a larger iPad?

The new iPads have barely made their way to Indian shores, but talk is already underway in the market that Apple will actually be working on a third iPad which it will introduce in
March in the international market.

larger iPad

The iPad, which many say will be called the iPad Pro, is rumoured to have a 12.3-inch display and might even run Mac OS rather than iOS, the operating
system that is found on the iPhone and the iPad as of now. Our sources say that Apple is introducing the device to replace the MacBook Air and will also pair it with a magnetic keyboard,
aiming it squarely at the enterprise segment.

BB looking to shrink the Passport

The BlackBerry Passport was one of the most innovative devices that we used last year, but it suffered from one drawback – it was really wide and did not fit most hands. Yes, BlackBerry
referred to it as a two-handed device at the launch, but judging by what we are hearing the company is considering coming up with a smaller version of the phone targeted at the ladies. No, this is not a Curve or a Bold, but a device with a similar three row key layout and a keyboard that can double up as a touchpad on the Passport.

BlackBerry Passport

What will be different is the display size which we are told, will be a 3.5 inch affair and will have a 720p resolution. The price is also expected to be lower and yes, it is expected to come in red too. Good news for the ladies and those who simply want a smaller

Passport! Lenovo working on flip ‘Razr Droid’ with Motorola

All right, this is a very long shot, but we have had at least two people say that a team at Motorola is working overtime to come out with a flip phone under the iconic brandname. The Razr was one of the bestselling phones of its time but did not do as well when Motorola ditched its flip version and made the Android Razr a candy bar one.

Razr Droid

However, if our sources are to be believed, the idea of a flip smartphone has its takers, which is why both Lenovo and Motorola are believed to be working on a flip phone with a touchscreen on the outer display and with a QWERTY keyboard inside, with Android as the OS. We have no idea whether this is a serious effort or just an attempt at a prototype but this is one rumour that we so want to be true.

Is the successor to the Lumia 1020 coming

We have been told that Microsoft is working on a device that will be the successor of the Lumia 1020, the 41.0-megapixel sensor toting phone that many still consider to be one of the
best camera phones that was ever made. From what we have heard, the new phone, which could be called either the Lumia 1030 or the 2040, depending on whom you believe, will come with a full HD 5.0-inch AMOLED display, and will be powered by a quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and will also have 2GB RAM and 64 GB of non-expandable memory.

Lumia 1020

The big question, however, is about the camera, and as per what we have heard, it will remain a 41.0-megapixel sensor but will work much faster and will also be accompanied by a 12.0- megapixel front facing camera, making this the first phone to have more than fifty megapixels of shooting power up its sleeve.

Amazon working on an e-ink phablet

Some companies like Yota Devices have tried to add elements of e-ink displays to regular handsets, but if one of our sources is to be believed, Amazon, the company whose Kindle e-book
reader made e-ink displays popular, is actually working on an e-ink phablet. The device which some are labelling the Kindle phone will have a 5.0-inch e-ink display and a keypad for dialing
numbers and typing. It is supposed to blend the functionality of an e-book reader with a basic phone and provide up to two weeks battery life on a single charge. From what we hear, Amazon
plans to target it at those who love reading books and want relatively simple phones. No, we do not expect the world from it, if it exists, but that battery life sounds awesome!