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The Benefits of a Professional Resume Service


When it comes to applying for a graphic design job, much like any industry, you’ll be required to have a resume. A resume is a representation of you and your skills on paper, clearly showing your potential employer what you can bring to the table. And while your skills and past experience are generally what will be taken into account when reading through your resume, there’s a world of difference between a good resume and a bad one. This difference could make or break your chances of actually securing that graphic design job. With this in mind, here we’ll take a look at the importance of a good resume, some of the things to include specific to going after a graphic design career and why you may even consider using a professional resume service.


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The Importance of a Resume:

Or more specifically, the importance of a good resume. As hinted at above, your resume is what your potential employer will use to get a good idea of your past experience, skills, qualifications etc. If you’re up against a lot of competition for the job (as is quite common in the graphic design industry) then resumes are one way of filtering out the candidates. Obviously your qualifications, experience etc. will speak for themselves, but don’t underestimate the importance of a good layout, good grammar and correct spelling. These things often give a clearer idea about yourself than you might expect.

What to Include on Your Resume:

Any qualifications up until this point in your life should be present, with an emphasis on ones applicable to graphic design. Do you have a Bachelor’s degree or any recognized certificates? Have you won any awards or received any other form of recognition for your skills? Do you have your own blog or something similar? If so, let your potential employer know! Show off.

Also, what other useful knowledge do you have that can be beneficial to a company in general? If you have any medical qualifications or something else that can be helpful, get that written down too. Why Use a Professional Service?

As mentioned above, how your resume is presented can be just as important as the content it consists of. A professional resume service can tweak and refine your sample resume to give it its best chance of representing you well.

They’ll ensure it has everything necessary regarding your skills and experience, but also that it stands out, is easy to read and is error-free. Of course, you don’t have to use a professional resume service to achieve this for you, but at the bare minimum, pick up a relevant book or use a template.

Overall, a good resume is probably more important than you thought. A professional resume service is always worth the investment, especially in an industry such as graphic design where that extra edge can be enough to you secure you that job over all the competition, but whatever you decide, be sure to put some effort towards making your resume stand out from the crowd.


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