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Thesis WordPress Theme Review


Have you ever tried using the Thesis WordPress Theme? Well, you have to know that this turns out to be one of the easiest ways to create a blog with an interesting and intriguing layout. Furthermore, if you use the Thesis WordPress Theme, you can customize your blog in every possible way you want, in order to refer to the theme you are discussing in the blog. You can also choose the right design for your blog to fit your preferences. The latest version Thesis Theme 1.8 is known to have even additional extras to make the development of your blog easy and, at the same time, exciting. There are several reasons why to choose Thesis Theme:

  1. Page layout – you will experience no problems in changing the layout of your blog. You can change all components of your site including the page header, fonts, etc. You can do all of these changes even without having additional knowledge in creating web pages.
  2. Own customized page – using the Thesis Theme you can also enjoy all its features, and you can modify your loop API.3. SEO options – even without knowing much about SEO optimization, you can do better than you have ever thought in this sphere with the help of Thesis Theme. In this way you will have high ranks in the search engines, and you will be able to take your page to the top search results.4. Many customers – Thesis Theme is known to have many customers all over the world and to be widely used.

Page Layout

If you want to make your web page unique and customize its layout so that it represents exactly your ideas, you can easily do that using the Thesis Theme. It will make it possible for you to choose different colors using the color picker widget. You can do that from the control panel. Next, you can add CSS styling through the site’s custom stylesheet. If you have doubts whether your customizations will be saved after program updates or not, do not worry about this problem. Any changes you make will be preserved. Another way of customizing your site is to use the Thesis Theme skins. They offer you ready variations that you can use to make your web site unique.

Site Customization

If you want to have full control over the layout of your web page, then turn to Thesis Theme. It will give you the freedom to change the layout of your page from a page with two columns, for example, to a page with only one column. This can be done through the Design Options page. You can change the number of columns on your page with only one click. Furthermore, you can adjust the widths of the columns, as well as their order.

SEO features

One of the most important aspects of a web site is to be SEO friendly. Even in this field you will have no troubles or worries if you use Thesis Theme. You will even not need to download additional packages to improve the performance of your web site. Using Thesis Theme, it will be really simple for you also to edit your posts, tag pages, etc.


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Thesis Theme for WordPress: Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community


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