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Trading gold online can be pretty simple and easy especially if the steps are taken. Just like other precious metals like silver, gold is considered as a form of currency in the foreign exchange market.

And as expected, trading gold online is electronic and so is other currency forms and even oil. Basically, trading gold online is similar to the way other currency pairs are traded, with the main difference being that gold and other such commodities are only traded against the dollars, the United State dollars to be precise.

Therefore, the prices when trading gold online come in US dollar terms. When trading gold online, it is not required you physically purchase or sell the real material, a similar situation with foreign currency rates. So you are not expected to purchase or sell gold that you handle.


Gold is traded over the counter or OTC as it is sometimes called. This goes to say that gold trading deals are not under the control of the Stock Exchange of any country as deals that come under this method are not part of the Stock Exchange of any country.

Gold trading takes place directly between the parties involved in this case, the buyer and the seller. And this is a feature of OTC deals which is the common trading method in the foreign exchange market. It is possible for traders to do day-trading in gold and this simply means transactions that are initiated and completed before trading closes for that day.

It is not mandatory for traders to complete their deals within a day, though positions are held for a short time only. Deals can linger on for two to three day depending on the decision of the trader. There are a number of benefits that accrue to trading gold online.

Unlike the past, online commodity trading is now very much accepted and even more interesting thanks to such services as real time commodity quotes and live charting. The advancement in technology has seen the internet open ip commodity trading to anyone interested as opposed to the initial situation where only professional traders could engage in commodity trading.

The weight of the gold is used in determining the price of the commodity. It should be noted that the normal trend is for the price of gold to increase as the price of the US dollar falls. It is therefore a common practice for investors to augment their US dollar trade with trading in gold. Gold trading is used to balance profit and loss against the dollars. Investors also buy gold as a form of protection in times of inflation.

This article was written by Gregory Salerno who is an online trading expert. Gregory trades with AlfaTrade, a popular online commodities and foreign exchange trading broker.