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Get Unique Articles For Your Backlinks


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I am going to show you how to get unique articles for your tiered backlinks. This articles are great for your web 2.0’s or article directory submissions. Let me tell you that they need a little editing, and I’ll show you how to edit them (very simple).
I’ve been running a test on one of my sites with unique articles, using this type of articles, and content isn’t that a big king like most people say, you know: “just add unique and relevant content to your website and the traffic will come (from Google, organic traffic)” – but it’s not quite like that.
I have 200+ articles, using this method and also hired a freelance writer to create content for one of my test sites and I only get 50-100 UV from Google.
The main verdict is that you have to have high DA,PA, PR backlinks pointing in tiers straight to your money site. Tier 3 > Tier 2 > Tier 1 > Money site. You can use this articles for your tier 1 backlinks, which will do wonders.  (In my next post I’ll let you know about how to create “Super” Web 2.0 which stick and are very good).
Ok, let me show you how to get unique articles for your tiered backlinks.

1. Next thing is to find a good magazine which is in your niche, let’s say your niche is “home décor”, find a magazine about “home décor”

2. Download the PDF magazine. Important note: in order to download the PDF you’ll have to download via a filehost, which in most cases it’s a free download. I’ll let you know about an alternative to download PDF magazines below.

3. Once downloaded, open up the PDF magazine, find a lengthy text from it, which is related to your niche “Home Décor”. Let’s say: Bathroom decoration for 2015. Select the text with your mouse. (Some PDF text cannot be selected, then you’ll have to find a different magazine, but from your niche)

4. Go to: http://smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker/ and insert the text there and click “Check for Plagiarism”. The online tool will let you know if the content is unique or not. But let me tell you this. If the content is 85-100% unique you have yourself a professional article ready to be posted in your web 2.0. Note: some results in the Plagiarism Checker need a little manual work like when you get “Click for details”, that means Google found the short phrase and maybe it’s not unique, you must click “Click for details” and see the first result on Google. If in Google search you’ll find something like this: “No results for: << Example Text >>” then it’s ok. The content is unique. This mostly occurs, when you have in your text (article) something like this: Mike Tyson said: “I’m the biggest and baddest champion”. – Did you notice the quotes? That because Google is searching for quotes in quotes.

Alternative method to download PDF magazines.

An alternative method to downloading PDF magazines, is going to private torrent sites and keeping an eye open for fresh new magazines (from your niche).
If you’re a member of a private torrent site, you can select the category “Ebooks/Magazines” depending on which torrent site you are logged in.
How to find private torrent sites
It’s simple

  • Just go to:


Or “Open Trackers”: http://www.torrent-invites.com/forumdisplay.php?f=68&s=413ba673a7e3cd9817f42b6c6f3ca084
Get an invite, register on the private torrent site and start looking for pdf magazines. First check the category, if they have something related to “eBooks/Magazines” your good.
I hope this article is useful for you. I didn’t post this on my site, it’s a method I found which is working great for tiered link building.
Have a wonderful day!