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What A Blogger Needs


Blogging is big today. Millions of people using internet rely on popular blogs to access information, understand trends or simply have a good laugh. In fact such has been the popularity of this online tool that even businesses now have blogs to communicate with their target audiences. Interestingly, blogging has evolved at a swift pace to respond to the changing user demands. It has, therefore, managed to remain relevant, useful and popular with internet users.

Growing popularity of blogging has inspired millions of internet users to create their own blog sites. Not surprisingly, therefore, there are numerous blogs available on any topic under the sun. From oriental recipes and photography tips to parody and technology, name it and you have several blog URLs appearing in search results. Growing popularity, however, presents a challenge for new bloggers. With internet populated by countless blogs, each vying for attention, how do they stand out?

Regardless of what your blog is about, you need traffic to achieve success. Here are 5 tips on how to be a good blogger.

Know You Audience

All successful bloggers have one thing in common. They know their audience in and out. They know who they are, what they like, why they visit their blogs and what they expect from each post. If you want to be a successful blogger, you too need to understand the pulse of your audience. You have to be thorough in your understanding to speak to them in their language.

For example if you use your blog to provide book reviews, your target audience will be people who are interested in reading books. They might expect you to have a structured approach to describe the books you review and provide a more detailed synopsis. A blog on quick and easy recipes, on the other hand, will attract people who don’t have too much time at hand. They want to visit your blog, find simple recipes and save time. The examples are simply to help you understand the importance of adopting different strategies while communicating with different audiences.

Stay Interesting, Stay Relevant

You must realize that the blogosphere has become extremely cluttered and competitive in the last couple of years. Your target audience is spoilt for choice and has no time or patience to wait for you to come up with interesting stuff. If you don’t value their time, they will not come back to you and lose interest quickly. The only option is to impress them with interesting stuff every time they visit your blog.

Share information and insights your readers value, engage in a dialog and inspire them to spread the word about your blog around. If you want to become a successful blogger, you should create an editorial calendar and stick to it to generate useful content. Remember, interesting content catches attention and goes viral if you nail your messaging.

Make Your Presence Felt on Other Blogs Covering Similar Subject

Blogs are a powerful social networking platform, connecting people from different parts of the world. People who share similar interests use it to communicate with one another and gain information. It is, therefore, a good idea to network to spread information about your blog and incite more clicks. To make the most of networking, you need to have a clear strategy in mind. To begin with, you need to make your presence felt on blogs that are popular and cover the same topic as yours.

You need to catch the attention of fellow bloggers with relevant comments. Once you have their attention, you need to engage in a dialog with them. A simple way to accomplish this goal is to ask them to write guest posts for you. You can also provide links to their posts on your blog to generate more interest. Once you begin a dialog with fellow bloggers, you can attract their loyal visitors to visit your site and contribute to its popularity.

Be Organized

It is important to be organized to be a successful blogger and if you are serious about blogging, you need to have a proper strategy in place. First things first, your blog visitors should find everything easily. You need to organize your posts in proper order and tag them to make it easy for your readers to locate. Use plenty of tags and pay adequate amount of attention on ways in which you can categorize them.

If you want to avoid repeating something you have said already, consider archiving your blog posts properly. You can even use software tools that have been designed to help bloggers organize their content. If you want your old posts to catch the eye of your blog visitors, link them in your new posts.

Make Your Blog Easy on the Eye

Successful bloggers give their readers enough reasons to keep coming back to them. So if you want to follow in their footsteps, you need to adopt a similar strategy. Apart from focusing on sharing interesting content, you should pay attention to ways in which you can present everything in an easy-to-view format.

Right from fonts, sizes and colors to images and text alignment, every little detail plays an important role in attracting and retaining visitors. You must consider how your blog visitors view your blog when they open it. Are the colors too bold and difficult to read? Do the images support your content? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself. It is a good idea to get feedback before your content goes live.

Blogging can be fun if you focus on your passion instead of going after something you know little about. When you cover a topic you have an interest in, you provide more value to your target audience. So the first step to becoming a successful blogger is to share insights that you have an interest in. You must also focus on adopting the right tone to reach out to your target audience. Interact with them and encourage them to share their feedback with you and you will achieve success.


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